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Levi's brand book

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Levi's brand book

  1. 1. Stylish. Durable. Fresh. Reliable. Independant. Classic. Levi’s aren’t just jeans, it’s the glue that holds things together.
  2. 2. CATEGORY TRUTH: LEVI’S has been there since the birth of blue jeans in 1873. They were originally crafted for hard, challening work. Since then, the iconic brand has become the world’s most celebrated jean. Competitors include Wrangler’s and Lee, and higher-end brands like Diesel and Lucky Brand. LEVI’S are more than just jeans; LEVI’S are everyday life and there can only ever be one original. One that defines what it means to be something and sets the standard for all those who come after it. The first and the best, because the qualities that made them famous still hold true today. People wore LEVI’S 130 years ago, and people will wear them 130 years from now.
  3. 3. WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? Jeans never go out of style, and neither do the people who wear them. Whether you’re a fashion maverick or an average joe, jeans will always be a part of your style. The peo- ple who buy LEVI’S are con- fident with what they wear and how they feel. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or what you do, there are a pair of LEVI’S that you will fit your style. CONSUMER TRUTH:
  4. 4. LEVI’S offers superior quality and confidence. Admiration for innovative styles, gadgets, and trends is in our nature. Shopping for Jeans is simple thanks to LEVI’S one of a kind fitting system. Include the signature comfort and quality, and you have; LEVI’S, the true pioneers of innovative spirit and imagina- tion, right down to every stitch. WHAT DO THEY NEED? CULTURAL TRUTH