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Sandra and Stevie Ch 40

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Note: This story is the fortieth part of a series called "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read ...

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Sandra and Stevie Ch 40

  1. 1. Sandra and Stevie Ch 40 Note: This story is the fortieth part of a series called "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous thirty-nine episodes of this series, we recommend that you do so before beginning this chapter. This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That's the kind of story I write. If you do not have these types of stories, I suggest you look for something else to read. * 5:00 Do all men except Jason were gone. He sat in the living room drinking beer and chatting with us. As I mentioned, Jason and I are still good friends. Jason was just finishing his beer when the doorbell rang. Mark responded. It was Jamal. He entered the living room. We all salute him. He looked around. "I think I missed the rest of the party." I nodded. "Yes, yes, but come and sit down anyway. Can I get you a beer?" He smiled. "No thank you, I'm still on the phone." I looked at Maddie. She silently stared at the floor. " Sandra shrugged. "Jamal, I'm sure we'll do it again. When we are sure we will invite you." He nodded to Sandra. "Thank you, that was very nice, but I'm here for the most important part of the party." Everyone looked at him. He looked at Maddie. "I have to be with Madeline." Slowly she looked at him. Jamal smiled at her. "I should be able to get a break two hours now. Would you like a burger with me?" Maddie smiled. "I would." She shook her head. "I was fucking all afternoon. I'ma little messy. We have time to take a shower?" Jamal laughed. "Exactly." Sandra jumped. "Maddie Cucks to the bathroom and get her bathed. Brenda and Julie, why not find her something to wear. Jason is time for you to go home." Jason looked at her. "My wife will not be home until 8:00. Can not I stay?"
  2. 2. Sandra looked at me. I gave her a quick nod. She turned back to Jason and shrugged. "All right, you can stay, but once you get Maddie on her way slaves will clean the house and then it will be their reward when you have to stay out of the way everyone, and there will not be anymore. Sex for you today." Jason laughed. "I promise to stay out of the way. Know where beer is stored and five girls I'm worn out." He looked at me. "It's always so bossy?" I shook my head. "Jason you see that whip there?'m Not saying a word." Sandra walked over and kissed me and smiled at everyone. "My child is very smart boy." Jason and Jamal sat in the bathroom and watched as Mark, Bobby and I bathed Maddie. Once we have wiped, appeared Julie and Brenda clean underwear, jeans and a nice start. Clothing belonged to Julie. She and Maddie was the same size. Seven of us had Maddie dressed and ready for data in record time. We all walked her to the door. As she and Jamal were about to leave Maddie looked at us. "Thank you, all of you are the best friends you could hope that's okay." She sighed. "I feel guilty. Leaving before we do Stevie Specials." Julie laughed. "Do not worry Maddie. All four of us will be more than happy to fill in for you." Brenda nodded. "Go have a good time. Ty and I give Bobby another Stevie different when you get home tonight., I'm sure he will not mind." I looked at Bobby. Smiling from ear to ear. After Maddie disappeared, Mark and Bobby straightened up the house, when I prepared fettuccini and salad for dinner. Jason opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio for women and sat on the terrace and talking, when we finished our work. Fourteen people really do not make much mess, where ten of them are still fucking. Bobby and Mark's house was restored order in no time at all. When the house was clean and dinner was prepared reports three of us girls. Sandra stood up. "I think we should do, the rewards before dinner. Lets all go to the pen." Julie led us to a fence. Once we were all inside, he pointed to a chair. "Jason why do not you sit over there." She laughed. "You know the routine.'s Not the first time you sat in that chair and watched the show." As Jason sat down, Sandra walked into the room to carry sink, wash three and three towels. She put everything on the table next to a giant bed.
  3. 3. Sandra reached into his pocket and pulled out three keys to our chastity cages. She handed Bobby Julie, my April and kept. Mark Sandra went to Mark. "Because Maddie is gone, I'll be your mistress for the rest of the evening." Mark smiled. He liked Sandra. The girls quickly pulled our pants a slave shirt off, remove our chastity cage and wash our little cocks and balls. When they were done, all five girls with their own clothes. Once they were all naked Julie looked at each of us. She was thrilled. She loved to do. "Well, who gets to go first?" Sandra grabbed Mark's hand. "I think the baby's April, Mark should go first. After all, this is why we decided to do in the first place." Julie grabbed his other arm. "Well honey Markie, Sandra and I are going to learn a new game." Mark was speechless. I do not think he believed that such a thing will never happen to him. The girls led Mark to bed. Julie was giggling. "Lie on your child's back." Once Mark Lay, Sandra motioned to the rest of us. "Everyone on the bed with us. Had all the parts." Jason began to rise. Sandra stopped him. "No, darling, you have to stay in the chair.'re Stud. This is the time cucks." Jason smiled and sat down. "I understand." Brenda turned to Jason. "Honey, just relax and enjoy the show. Do not worry, we will not send you home feeling all hot and bothered.'ll Give you a nice slow blow job before leaving tonight." Jason laughed. "Life is getting better and better." Each of us sat on the bed in a circle around Mark. April was lying so her head was right next to him. Once we were all seated Sandra looked at Julie. "Jules, you want the top or the bottom?" Julie could not stop giggling. "I'll take you to the top." "Well, why do not you just now. Give him a few seconds to get your kitty.'s Pretty excited about it. Had a lot of stimulation today. He probably will not take too long once I start sucking his penis.