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What’s Your Endgame?

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What’s Your Endgame?

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What’s Your Endgame?

  1. 1. ASAE Annual Meeting What’s Your Endgame? Adele Cehrs Epic PR Group Erin Pressley NACS: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing
  2. 2. Is Your Association Crying Wolf?
  3. 3. $155+billion Spent annually on Marketing and PR
  4. 4. ? • Research shows marketers are getting worse, not better, at directing dollars with a whopping 40% of marketing dollars being wasted each year as cited in Advertising Age (Neff, 2012). • That means $62 billion is misused on content that is not relevant or producing ROI. • Think about the staff time and resources devoted to reaching your members — is your association guilty?
  5. 5. 5,000 messages a day = Brand Narcissism
  6. 6. 4-year tenure Average CMO tenure is 45 months or roughly 4 years — half the average tenure of a CEO
  7. 7. ROI Is a Struggle We are measuring and saying TOO MUCH!
  8. 8. You have a small window to prove you’re worth listening to.
  9. 9. SPIKE A Sudden Point of Interest that Kick-starts Exposure — good or bad.
  10. 10. Opportunity 3 – 5 SPIKES in one year
  11. 11. SPIKE EXERCISE You have just 3 - 5 TIMES a year to communicate what is truly relevant to your MEMBERS. What are those moments? With the SPIKE Method in mind ask yourself the following: • Identify 3 to 5 times WHEN your association (not your department) is truly relevant to your members. • You have 5 minutes to develop some ideas and share your ideas with the audience. ?
  12. 12. ASHA Understand where and WHEN your Audience WANTS to receive information Autism Awareness Month
  13. 13. CVS’ Bold Move
  14. 14. ? CVS Wasn’t So Bold After All… • According to the New York Times, just 18 percent of American adults smoke, down from 42 percent in 1965 (Strom, 2014). • An op-ed published in the NYT by two doctors from the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center at the University of California, made the case for eliminating tobacco products from drugstores in The Journal of the American Medical Association (published two days prior to announcement) • The FDA announced the start of a national education program aimed at preventing smoking among youth. • CVS’ preplanned partnership with American Lung Association
  15. 15. Newtown American Association of Pediatrics – Response to gun violence Brand patience: why you need some
  16. 16. ?
  17. 17. Biggest Challenge Exercise What is your biggest communications challenge? For example, here are some things we hear often: • People don't understand what we do • Staff doesn't know how to talk about the organization effectively • Board in-fighting • Internal communication challenges • Departmental silos • Developing trends • Identifying and talking to the right audience • Buy-in
  18. 18. NACS The price of not being prepared: Hurricane preparedness for convenience retailers
  19. 19. “When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” John F. Kennedy
  20. 20. Buy-in
  21. 21. ? NACS Goal Setting: Priorities! 10-15 Organizational Goals (2011-2012) a. Zero negative budget variances across departments & major initiatives [ALL] b. (Apr/Jul/Oct) None for Q1, One for Q2, One for Q3, Four in Q4 (Research, Tech & International Services, Supplier Relations) c. Hit Expo Sales Budget ($11,725,000) [BH] (Jun/Aug/Sep/Nov) a. As of 11/18/11: $12,396,900 (+$716,900) b. 1332 Exhibitors, 387,600 NSF (goal 375,000 NSF) d. Hit Show Registration Budget ($3,172,985) [SR] (Jul/Sep/Nov) a. Final - $3,186,867
  22. 22. 1. Drive Retail Membership 2. Drive Customer Satisfaction 3. Drive Engagement 4. Drive Constructive Behaviors into Our Cultural DNA 5. Deliver Organizational Discipline NACS Goal Setting: Priorities! 5 Organizational Goals (2013)
  23. 23. NACS Goal Setting: Priorities! 3 Organizational Goals (2014) 1. Get and Keep Members (recruitment, retention, customer satisfaction, customer engagement) 2. Make Us Great (culture, prof development, community involvement, staff activities 3. Optimize Resources (financial discipline, operations)
  24. 24. Culture
  25. 25. What’s in it for members (WIIFM)?
  26. 26. Attention is not a FINITE resource…
  27. 27. Who is your Chief Oprah Officer?
  28. 28. Oprah’s Evaluation of Her “Favorite Things” • Message: Possess an articulate message that cuts through the clutter; • Audience: Having a woman-owned business; • Timing: Being on the cusp of a new trend; • Channel: Visually interesting for television; and • Human: Serving a good cause.
  29. 29. ? SPIKE EXERCISE
  30. 30. All Aboard
  31. 31. What’s your Endgame?
  32. 32. Adele Cehrs Epic PR Group 703-299-3404 adele@epicprgroup.com Erin Pressley NACS: The Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing 703-518-4208 epressley@nacsonline.com