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EPiServer Update October 2013

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For far too many companies, an online presence is simply another swimlane in the marketing plan. An added expense. Yet today’s consumers are making decisions based on information from many sources. The conversions are more difficult to track. The key to success is not bigger budgets, but in reallocating existing resources to optimize conversion across several communication channels. Now that you know the “why”, let’s talk about the “what” and “how”.

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EPiServer Update October 2013

  1. 1. Piranhas in the Swimlanes Stories Observations Some predictions Eric Reiss @elreiss EPiServer Update 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. 2. What is e-commerce?
  3. 3. What is e-commerce?
  4. 4. Crossing channels. Disturbing swimlanes.
  5. 5. Source: Harvard Business Review, March 2013
  6. 6. 1. Attribution 2. Optimization 3. Allocation
  7. 7. Thank you. Now let’s eat.
  8. 8. Oh, what the hell…
  9. 9. George Santayana “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
  10. 10. The future of e-commerce The law The technology The business model The persuasive techniques One final story...
  11. 11. The law Security - the Dankort Scare / Nem ID Privacy – the EU Cookie Policy
  12. 12. The technology Platform not CMS Seven-year software itch CRM > CEM SEO / internal search / metadata Where does data “live”?
  13. 13. The business model Ubi WiFi Targeted augmented reality Price as a competitive factor? Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas Personality and service as differentiators ROPO (physical locations for fulfillment and browsing) Charge for browsing? Cover charge? Consolidated link farms Tailored products
  14. 14. The persuasive techniques Knowledge-based design Standardized procedures / retroductive inference Social validation, scarcity, fear of loss Limit or expand choices Build trust / shared references Social media and brand-building (concierge?)
  15. 15. Social validation Scarcity Fear of loss
  16. 16. 39 x 3 = 117
  17. 17. + vs. vs.
  18. 18. Three different scenarios Buy camera and case at same time Expectation that some high-end cases would be sold Case bought separately – two choices Expectation that mostly low-end case would be sold Case bought separately – three choices Expectation that mostly mid-range case would be sold Inspired by Dr. Susan Weinschenk
  19. 19. Let’s play the Bright Idea Game
  20. 20. One last story...
  21. 21. David Sarnoff
  22. 22. Radio Corporation of America
  23. 23. National Broadcasting Company
  24. 24. Content, not technology will determine your future success.
  25. 25. Thanks!
  26. 26. You can (usually) find Eric at: The FatDUX Group ApS Strandøre 15 DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark Office: (+45) 39 29 67 77 Mobile: (+45) 20 12 88 44 Twitter: @elreiss er@fatdux.com www.fatdux.com