Visma UX Day 2015

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9 Jun 2015

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Visma UX Day 2015

  1. Innovation vs. Best Practice Eric Reiss @elreiss Visma UX Seminar Stockholm, Sweden What is it? Why bother? Who cares?
  2. in·no·va·tion noun 1 : the introduction of something new 2 : a new idea, method, or device
  3. “Whenever you hear ‘someone might want this…’, you know you are about to hear a really bad design suggestion.” Alan Cooper
  4. best prac·tice noun 1 : best way of doing a thing 2 : a tested idea, method, or device
  5. Best practices represent short-term solutions. Innovation builds long-term success.
  6. My goal this morning is to give you: a better, actionable definition of innovation a process that leads to business success some practical do’s and don’ts
  7. Three bad reasons to innovate To make your product unique To latch on to a fad To show off your creativity
  8. being unique ≠ innovation
  9. following a fad ≠ innovation
  10. Inventing a problem ≠ innovation
  11. Experiment
  12. Invention
  13. Invention
  14. Innovation 15 April 1912
  15. to solve a problem! There is only one reason to innovate…
  16. Six great Swedish innovations
  17. J.P. Johansson • didn’t invent the adjustable spanner • Richard Clyburn did • Johansson made it stronger and easier to manufacture
  18. Johan Lundström • didn’t invent the • safety match • Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Gustaf Erik Pasch did • Lundström (with his brother, Carl Franz) made the product commercially viable
  19. Alfred Nobel • didn’t invent nitroglycerin • Ascanio Sobrero did • Nobel made it stable and easy to transport
  20. Gideon Sundback • didn’t invent the zip • Whitcomb Judson did • Sundback made it work
  21. Nils Bohlin • didn’t invent the seat belt • George Cayley did • Bohlin made it better through the 3-point harness
  22. Niklas Zennström (and Janus Friis) • didn’t invent VOIP • Alon Cohen did • Skype made it easy and accessible • and enabled easy screen sharing and simple teleconferencing
  23. And some not-so-great Swedish innovations
  24. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin Hövding
  25. Hövding’s mistakes they replaced a problem, but didn’t solve one alternatives are not always solutions if people won’t wear a helmet, they won’t wear a collar poor understanding of the true problem: non-compliance with traffic rules not non- compliance with Swedish laws
  26. Case #2 Electrolux
  27. Electrolux’s mistakes sustainability marketing myopia asking the wrong questions of users will people really wash less because they pay-per-wash? NO! is there a prestige value in owning ones own washing machine? YES? failure to understand inherent consumer values failure to align socio-economic attributes with core consumer benefits
  28. Eric’s Law of Innovation #1 If an “innovation” does not solve a problem, it will create one. (this is why so many “skunkworks” fail so miserably)
  29. Let’s look at mouthwash...
  30. Eric’s Law of Innovation #2 Problems do not exist in isolation. Solutions often have unintended consequences.
  31. Enfield M1853 • Technological • Social • Political
  32. Tech Social Political
  33. Eric’s Law of Innovation #3 True innovation is impossible if you haven’t done the research or do not understand the research.
  34. Gus the cat
  35. People Processes Technologies
  36. User Centered Design Users Innovate >
  37. User Driven Design Users Innovate > Inspiration: Christian Rohrer
  38. Eric’s Law of Innovation #4 Invention may be accidental. Innovation is always planned.
  39. Eric’s Law of Innovation #5 Innovators understand the rules. (this is the difference between innovation and idiocy)
  40. Eric’s Law of Innovation #6 Intuitive solutions do not need instructions.
  41. Intuition Instruction Website Driving a car Low High Barrier to entry
  42. Incremental Distruptive Type of innovation
  43. R “My problem is greater than the effort needed to learn the system” OIeturn n nvestment
  44. Best practice is not the same as tradition or habit.
  45. Highland Park High School Math Club - 1969
  46. Invention Innovation Lifecycle Innovation Best practice Habit Innovation Best practice Fashion Old-fashioned Time Progress
  47. What are the warning signs of fad and fashion?
  48. Watch out if... Your solution is only being used in your local market Your solution is only being used by a single branch or industry Your solution looks like something you also did last week
  49. Do we have a digital revolution? Do we have disruptive innovation? Do we need to start from scratch?
  50. No! We apply old skills in new ways
  51. Eric’s Law of Innovation #7 Innovation almost always represents the combination of two well-known technologies to create a new, useful synthesis.
  52. Technology Benefit
  53. My goal this morning is to give you: a better, actionable definition of innovation “Innovation is a planned activity that addresses a latent or acknowledged problem, often combining two or more well-established technologies.” a process that leads to business success Do your research Identify real problems Think about how your solution will affect technological, social, and political issues some practical do’s and don’ts Don’t invent problems Don’t succumb to designer ego
  54. “It’s amazing how much we can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.” Harry S. Truman
  55. You can (usually) find Eric at: The FatDUX Group ApS Strandøre 15 DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark Office: (+45) 39 29 67 77 Mobil: (+45) 20 12 88 44 Twitter: @elreiss