esat journals index terms: mimo ofdm least squre channel estimation qrd non-linear load active power filter indexterms:fuzzy step size-least mean square(fss-l grid connection. renewable energy distributed generation clipping ratio (cr). selected level mapping (slm) partialtransmitsequence(pts) peak-to-average power ratio(papr) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) index terms:multi-carrier modulation(mcm) complementarycumulativedistributionfunction(ccdf) repeated clipping and filtering (rcf) free convection porous medium vertical plate. index terms:elastico-viscous fluid index terms: an algorithm to detect worm hole atta index terms: tool wear nozzle stand-off distance dry machining flood lubrication minimum quantity lubrication heat transfer augmentation. natural convection index terms: dimpled plates vegetable oil index terms: minimum quantity lubrication (mql) surface roughness en-31 steel mineral oil load balancing algorithms load balancing enhanced equally distributed load balancing algori index terms: cloud computing public cloud weld speed aisi 304l aisi 446 beam current index terms: electron beam welding young’s modulus finite elements method keywords: composite materials self throb vibration a - star algorithm path planning index terms: a* algorithm mobile robot broadcasting delay sleep scheduling key words – wireless sensor networks (wsn) critical event monitoring phase detector recovery etc index terms: counter oscillator keywords— security sensor networks denial of sleep attack digital-to –analog converter (dac) delta modulation continuous-time (ct) analog-to-digital converter (adc) index terms: smart dust fax compatible device index terms: facsimile machine gsm modem. 2 wires to 4 wires convertor throughput availability ddos index terms: vulnerability confidentiality and plusses geometry multiband antenna fractal antenna index terms: microstrip antenna index terms: steganography dct coefficient hash function. lsb replacement stlc and sdlc software testing cobb-douglas function index terms: effort estimation stlc sdlc index terms: software defects multiple linear regression hybrid pso gaussian mutation keywords: evolutionary programming optimal load dispatch line flow constraints particle swarm optimization reference face keywords- face reconstruction reconstructed face damaged face warped image index terms: image enhancement image fusion motion detection
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