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Vg renovation

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Vg renovation

  1. 1. ETF outside works and schedule FIRST PHASE: sector B, tower ground and first floors => starting date 10/02 - estimated end date: 20/04 SECOND PHASE: sector B0 and C0 (corridor), including Villa Gualino façade looking in the inner yard court => starting date : 27/04 - estimated ending date: 06/07 THIRD PHASE: sector D => starting date 4/05 - estimated end date: 25/05
  2. 2. ETF inside works and schedule Reception area: start = beginning of February 2014 // end = end of April 2014 • 1st step - construction of the false ceiling and wooden floor near the window • 2dn step - construction of false ceiling and wooden floor were the reception desk is at the moment • 3th step - technical works • 4th step - assembly of new wooden walls and reception desk reception and surveillance daily activities will not suffer interruptions. New multi-functioning room (canteen, cafeteria area): start = 15 March 2014 // end = June 2014 • 1st step - reallocation of Library and publications shelves • 2nd step - reallocate of all furniture but the meeting room • 3th step - structural/building works (plasterboards walls) and technical works such as lighting, ventilation, water connection, etc • 4th step - provision of new appropriate furniture for the canteen/cafeteria