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Community Outreach (SLO)

  1. Community Outreach(SLO) Telenor Myanmar
  2. 2 Community Outreach team duties  Stakeholder Engagement Meeting • Government authority • Ethnic leader • Civil society • Community  Complaint handling • Grievances call/Email/Post/in person • Public hearing  Internal assistance  Supplier assistance
  3. Community Outreach team. • SLOs( State Liaison Officers) are our Ambassadors in each of their areas with the Community , State & Non State actors. Kachin – Peter Maji Laseng Shan North – Sao Hseng Merng Shan East – Sai Noan Tip Shan South – Khun Kham Naung Chin – Than Naing Oo@Joeseph Kayah – Naw Thaw Thi Htoo Kayin – Saw Metta Mon – Mong Aung Central(Yangon) – Kyaw Kyaw Myo
  4. Community Outreach: State Liaison Officers 4 Who are the stakeholders? Community members, Government/ local authorities, Armed Groups, Local leaders, Civil society (NGOs & Other community groups) What Role do the SLOs play? • Ensure access to information • Assist in network roll out • Ensure a transparent processes • Assist with site acquisition • Ensure concerns and complaints are taken on board & appropriately handled. How do we communicate? • Stakeholder Engagement Meetings • State/Local Leader Consultations • Collaboration with Technology, & Sales & Delivery • Ongoing dialogue
  5. 6. Ethnic States Community Outreach • Ensure access to accurate information • Ensure concerns and complaints are taken on board and appropriately handled • Ensure transparent processes • Ensure that Telenor and our suppliers get daily security briefings 4,564 Stakeholder Meetings 60,526 community members met Community Outreach( State Liaison)
  6. Common Community Complaints • Diesel Generator noise • Concern of Health risk regarding Electro Magnetic Field effect (“radiation”) • Concern of Tower structural integrity • Concern of Lightening effect • Jealousy or land dispute among community • Lack of communication from local contractors • Religious conflict 6  Public hearing done in total 86 sessions Till date
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