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  1. 1. PANDORA Pandora belongs to the Greek mythology and is referred to as the first mortal woman, a cause of all suffering. The myth of Pandora , not as an archetypal form, mother of all women, but as a cause of all passions, because of her curiosity, has made the round of the world.
  2. 2. The name Pandora Τhe name”Pandora” is attributed to Demeter, the goddess of the Earth, worshiped as "pandora," since humanity was fed by it, but it is a positive name of the goddess and they have nothing to do with the main name Pandora, the mythological person. According to Hesiod its name means the one endowed with all the gifts of the gods, the one who has all the gifts.
  3. 3. How she was created According to the myth Pandora was made of earth by Hephaestus at the order of Zeus. Athena gave her life, and the gods of Olympus generally offered her all the gifts and abilities, along with a dangerous charm.
  4. 4. In particular According to the legend of Pandora, princess of ancient Greece, the gods gave her a mysterious box of jealousy for her beauty. But they had warned her not to open the box.
  5. 5. One day Pandora did not endure the temptation and defeated by her curiosity wanted to see what she had in the box, she lost her self-control and opened its lid. At that time, the great trials: frosts, illnesses and madness were released into the world, uncontrollably. With the help of a god, Pandora closed the box and tried to keep the only antidote that made human suffering bearable: hope
  6. 6. The role of hope Hope is the belief that someone has both the will and the way or conditions to achieve his goals, whatever they are. Having hope in the sense that he is not bent by the anxieties that crush him, he does not adopt a pessimistic attitude and is not defeated by depression in the face of difficult challenges or obstacles. Technically, hope is more than a naive belief that everything will go well.