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What is Art.pptx

  1. ART ―Comes from the Latin word ‘ars’ which means skill or craft ―Embraces the visual arts, literature, music, and dance ―One of the oldest and most important form of expression
  2. —Represents an outlet of self expression and usually influenced by culture —Unique and visible statement from artist’s inner voice
  3. Major Components of Arts: 1.Literature 2.Performing Arts 3.Visual Arts
  4. 1.Literature ―The body of written works produced in a particular language, country or age or the body of writings on a particular subject. ―Includes poetry, novels, short stories, and epics
  5. 2. Performing Arts ―Specialized form of art where artists perform in front of a live audience ―Includes dance, opera, theatre, broadway musical, puppetry, magic, etc.
  6. 3. Visual Arts ―Unique expression of ideas, beliefs, experiences, and feelings, presented in well-designed visual forms. ―Includes drawings, paintings, sculptures.
  7. ELEMENTS OF ARTS 1.Line 2.Shape 3.Form 4.Value 5.Space 6.Color 7.Texture
  8. PINCIPLES OF DESIGN 1.Rhythm 2.Balance 3.Emphasis 4.Proportion 5.Harmony 6.Variety 7.Movement