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Sophie´s Guardian presskit english

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Press Information to launch the game in virtual reality Sophie's Guardian for HTC VIVE, view port and Steam VR

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Sophie´s Guardian presskit english

  1. 1. GameCoder Studios. RenderFarm Studios. Copyright 2016. Sophie’s Guardian, Gamecoder Studios, RenderFarm Studios and their logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GC Studios S.A de C.V. and RenderFarm Studios S.A. DE C.V. arm Studios and their logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GC Studios S.A de C.V. and RenderFarm Studios S.A. DE C.V.
  2. 2. Little girl’s nightmares and fears represented on this VR title will take you to be immersed in hours of fun trying to break the scoreboards and playing with other friends locally… using just one VR headset! Attention: This videogame is Mod friendly. GameCoder Studios in collaboration with Render Farm Studios are about to release Sophie’s Guardian for Halloween. This VR Survival Horror FPS features three game modes including the unique Puppeteer mode which was created thinking in those players eager to share the experience with friends who doesn’t own a VR system yet. It’ll be available for the HTC Vive® in STEAM VR®. The IP Sophie’s Guardian was developed with the Lodestone Engine; the most robust real-time engine created in LATAM and capable of supporting a wide range of interactive projects, from consoles and portable systems to Virtual Reality. Lodestone Engine® was based and inspired in the company’s GC Engine® with which GameCoder developed Attractio, a video game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Sophie’s Guardian is the first Mexican VR videogame which will be distributed and self-published worldwide. 3
  3. 3. 4 Critics “This is definitely a game with excellent cohesion and gameplay” KOPKE - Atomix.vg “This game has surprised fans and developers” Excélsior Newspaper “A creepy but really fun and addictive experience, with that tingling in the fingers when playing for the first time Contra, Doom or Halo, but now all over your body” Nayo & Enki - Picnic Magazine “It’s a game everyone can enjoy thanks to its theme” Sebastián Quiróz - Libertimento
  4. 4. 5 About the Game In this experience the player takes the place of Griff, a Guardian Teddy Bear who has to fight possessed dolls that attack Sophie, a little girl that just moved with her mom to a haunted house. Sophie’s Guardian is a VR Survival Horror FPS that provides a creepy experience for players with three intense game modes: Guardian, Gunslinger and Puppeteer.
  5. 5. 6 Sophie, a 9-year-old girl, and her mom recently moved to a very old house at the outskirts of town. As soon as they arrive the kid explores the house alongside her best friend, a worn teddy bear named Griff. The girl happens to find a very rusty key and opens the door of a locked room over the second floor. The place it’s filled with things forgotten by the previous owners, there are scribbles in the walls and it has a very eerie vibe to it. Sophie suddenly finds herself surrounded by tiny red eyes and the sound of a hipnotical music box starts playing behind her. Sophie realizes she can’t move anymore as a crooked voice whispers: “You’re not welcome” as some skinny long doll arms take her away as she drops her teddy bear to the floor; the door gets shut and nobody hears or notices the unfortunate event…except for Griff. The night has come and the full moon has started to fill the room with its light. Griff the teddy bear wakes up and stands up drowsily. He desperately looks around for his owner but Sophie is nowhere to be found. The music box keeps playing and Griff starts to hear tiny steps approaching. The bear hears a whisper behind him saying “She is ours now”. Griff won’t let Sophie down and is going to do whatever it takes to save her… with a pair of Winchesters. Story
  6. 6. 7 MODES -The Puppeteer Mode: The players take turns to manipulate the doll’s spawn points with the use of a game pad. That affects directly on how the dolls attack the player that is using the headset. In other words, one player protects Sophie of being attacked and the other player triggers the evil dolls’ waves. -The Gunslinger Mode: Tests your accuracy, reflexes and dexterity with the v increasing hordes of evil dolls. The player must survive the longest while more and more dolls keep coming. This game mode features global and local scoreboards. -The Guardian Mode: Here’s where Sophie and Griff’s story can be experienced. The player faces 15 evil dolls’ waves and the victory is achieved by defeating all the enemies including the final boss. Playing is very simple; the player can choose one of the three different game modes. Then a 10 second countdown announces the beginning of the game. The player must defeat the dolls before they can hurt him. If the player gets big amounts of damage he will lose the game. Gameplay
  7. 7. release and other info Release Steam® VR - Early Access (HTC Vive): October 21, 2016 Steam® VR - Full Version (HTC Vive): November/TBC/TBA PlayStation VR®: TBC/TBA Price We have chosen to make this title a Premium. The Early Access price will be $8.99. The final version’ price will likely go up or down through development, depending on the amount of content and features we will be implementing. It is probable that this video game is featured in the Steam’s Halloween sale. Why Early Access? This game began as an experiment between art team and programming team to accelerate the work needed to create a VR videogame using our own tools and engine. As we have shown to our audience and fans the game in conferences and events we noticed it has wide acceptance; we believe this game has the ability to gather friends into a single play room with just using one VR headset. This is a “pick up and play” experience that does not need a manual, with deeply refined core gameplay and 3 game modes. We believe that our community can provide valuable feedback and modding support implemented on the EA version could easily give the users a tool to deliver feedback.
  8. 8. How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version? We’ll add a refined Final Boss choreography and animations. The whole video game needs to have binaural/Holographic audio, one of our big concerns. Also we are planning to add dolls’ seasonal skins and more scenarios to play and be immersed (imagine an evil doll skinned with Jack O’ Lantern costume or a Christmas-evil skin). What is the current state of the Early Access version? The early access version already has the solid base of the Sophie’s Guardian full game, with 3 game modes and mod friendly basis. Make your way into the global or local leaderboards. Attention: Sophie’s Guardian is mod friendly; that could cause ad- diction and produce hours of gameplay for the users and modders.
  9. 9. Important Links For more information about Sophie’s Guardian please visit; http://www.sophie-vr.com/ Join the conversation at: /sophiesguardian @sophiesguardian /sophieandgriff
  10. 10. Contact Info: Alfonso Cabrera Ibarra GC Studios S.A. DE C.V. alfo@gamecoderstudios.com http://www.gamecoderstudios.com GC Studios S.A. DE C.V. contact@gamecoderstudios.com Twitter: @GameCoder_Team Facebook: /GameCoderStudios http://www.renderfarm.com.mx Telephone:(+52) 5556041016 Fausto Cantú E-mail: ventas@renderfarm.com.mx Twitter: @RenderFarmStudi Facebook: /RenderFarmStudios