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I Hate Public Speaking

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Hate public speaking? You're not alone. Funny and great advice.

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  • Hey guys! Who wants to chat with me? More photos with me here 👉 http://www.bit.ly/katekoxx
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  • if only i could get this ppt
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  • this presentation makes public speaking seem so easy
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  • I do not hate it I just want to master it. but how?
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I Hate Public Speaking

  2. SWEAT
  5. one-on-one: EASY
  6. SCARY
  7. So SCARY you’d rather . . .
  8. nibbleon this
  9. enjoy a ROOT CANAL
  10. relaxHERE
  12. research showspeople are more afraid of facing this. . .
  13. than this . . .
  14. why?
  15. As a toddleryou were bold
  16. then you becamea shrinking violet
  17. the reason is at some pointyou started caring aboutOPO
  18. OtherPeople’sOpinions
  19. You doubt yourself...“How do I look to my audience?”
  20. Like this?
  21. or this?
  22. the problem is simple
  23. It’s calledSPOTLIGHT COMPLEX
  24. because you are self-absorbed, you think people are analyzing you
  25. You’re not alone! 94% of usget public-speaking anxiety THE SOLUTION?
  26. Nope
  27. Imagine them in their underwear?
  28. might make things harder
  29. and if one more person suggests“breath deeply”
  30. TRUTHThey don’t care
  31. They don’t care aboutYour worries Your hopes Your performance Your looks
  32. They are as self-absorbed as you.Here’s what they’re thinkin’...
  33. Proof?
  34. 96% of presenterblunders go unnoticed by the audience because...
  35. 96% of their brains are consumed with...
  36. mortgage new workout program weather forecastsex funny joke weekend plansdeadlines voicemail sleepkids soccer home insurance bonusspeeding ticket money movingtoothache email car problemsvacation lover argumentsnext meeting friends homeworkdinner plans sex appointmentstheir speech what to wear new projectnext memo chores promotionlunch happy hour favorite TV showsweetheart wedding plans facebooktaxes new pregnancy sexshopping proposal breakup
  37. What can you do?
  38. Change perspective Improve results
  39. You are now AWARE. Next time you feelself-conscious just recall this picture...
  40. And the fear you knew
  41. Will be a fear you can handle
  42. and finally, you can chillax
  43. targetintellect.com/blog/Improving the universe one million speakers at a time using SlideShare