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Tania Clone - Water Delivery App

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Examine the steps you should follow to setup a profitable water delivery startup with the customizable, white labelled and ready to launch Tania Clone. for more info: https://www.v3cube.com/water-delivery-app/

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Tania Clone - Water Delivery App

  1. 1. Tania Clone - Water Delivery App
  2. 2. Why Choose Tania App Clone? ➢ Customizable in nature thereby supporting the business owner to modify the solution based on changing business requirements and requirements of customers ➢ Developed in sync to the latest marketing trends to ensure that the water delivery startup can attract maximum customers their way ➢ Developed with the latest tech stack to ensure swift water delivery services.
  3. 3. How to Use Application? ➢ Enter the app and provide location details ➢ Get a list of water stores nearby and from the list tap on the store suiting you ➢ Tap on the water and its quantity and thereafter place order with time, date and address and get order confirmed ➢ Track the order and be notified on arrival ➢ Provide feedback and rating
  4. 4. Bottled Drinking Water App Features ➢ VOIP Based Call ➢ Realtime Chat with Support Team ➢ Scan Credit Card for Payment ➢ Mark Store as Favourite ➢ Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer ➢ Membership Subscription Plan
  5. 5. Technologies Used to Build Tania Clone App ➢ Payment Gateways ➢ Location Tracking ➢ Fast Water Delivery Services
  6. 6. Powerful and Robust Water Delivery App Solution ➢ Quick water delivery services ➢ Connection to stores innumerable to ensure water delivery in maximum ➢ Support to stores to work in a smooth manner, manage operations and thereupon through the same build a strong online presence
  7. 7. Procedure To Develop Your Own On Demand Water Delivery App ➢ Hire a reputed clone app development company ➢ Identify the services that if incorporated will support the water delivery stores to build a strong online presence and thereupon through the same earn a good amount of profit along the way ➢ Locate the platform where you will be able to find maximum customers and thereupon launch your app on that platform.
  8. 8. Contact Us to Develop Tania Clone App sales@v3cube.com +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide) https://www.v3cube.com/water-delivery-app/