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Safety management system

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Safety management system

  1. 1. SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Prepared by : NIK MOHD FIRDAUS NIK RAHIM Department: Technical Facility And Safety
  2. 2. SAFETY ORIENTATION  Purpose To promote new employees’ awareness and understanding of the possible hazards at work. Contents Of Safety & Health Orientation Training General Safe Work Procedures Emergency Procedures Potential Hazards At Workplace  Duration The actual extent of orientation will vary according to the perceived needs of the individual/group and the level of exposure to the hazards.
  3. 3. SAFE WORK PRACTICE  Purpose  To establish consistent procedures on safe work practices (SWP) which have incorporated the required safety precautions  Scope  All employees of GTM must be familiar and adhere to all the safe work practices while performing their job.
  4. 4.  Procedure Establish and maintain all relevant Safe Work Practices. THINK SAFE WORK SAFE
  5. 5. HOUSE KEEPING  Purpose To create a clean, neat and safe work environment that all employees, contractors and visitors are impressed with the management leadership standards and control of the materials, documents, products and people.  Scope All work team of GTM must adhere to the housekeeping standards prescribed.  Responsibility Housekeeping in the immediate work area is the responsibility of every employee. All employees are required to practice the housekeeping standards agreed by the safety committee and the GTM Management.
  6. 6.  Requirements Office Workshop Department Produces Housekeeping  For All Requirement Must Be Follow the 5 ‘S’ System ( Refer Appendix A )
  8. 8. SAFETY & HOUSEKEEPING AUDIT  Purpose  To make sure all department following the Safety and Housekeeping.  Audit detection  Office environment  Storage  Electrical  Plant, machinery and equipment  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  First aid  Fire safety
  9. 9. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)  Purpose Provides information on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce hazards exposure and to work in a safe manner to prevent injury and work related illness.  Scope Personal protective clothing or equipment will be provided whenever it is necessary.  Responsibilities Department managers/ supervisors.  PPE Standard Standards for specific jobs in writing Training for supervisors and employees in the need and usage of PPE
  10. 10. FIRST AID PROVIONS  Purpose To ensure that there is adequate capability to render help to any injury or sudden illness which may arise at the workplace  Scope All departments of GTM must meet or exceed the expectations of this standard.  Responsibility The department manager is responsible for maintaining the minimum first aid provisions.  Procedure Secondary, Primary and warehouse