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Fjord at CES 2016

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By April Reagan

For more information check out our Fjord Trends 2016: http://www.slideshare.net/fjordnet/fjord-2016-trends

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Fjord at CES 2016

  1. 1. #CES2016
  2. 2. BE2WECES The Consumer Electronic Show is the world’s largest trade show. The show takes over Las Vegas, with 170,000 attendees and 3,800 exhibitors across 2.47M net square feet, this year. The show has always attracted major companies; several use it to reveal their latest offerings. In recent years, a bigger spotlight has been given to start-ups in the Eureka Park and University Innovations exhibits. The three biggest spikes in presence included drones of all shapes and sizes, wearables with various sensors and styles, and AR/VR. 3D printing offered higher quality and support for more materials. The evolution in sensors and their applications (particularly at home) was also prevalent, as were explorations into new modes of personal transportation.
  4. 4. BE2WEWATCH…IT LISTENS Vendors at CES showed off a variety of new smart family hubs, from refrigerators to portable screens, smarter wireless routers to phones, and Amazon Echo inspired speakers. Some companies are going further with wearables to evaluate and condition the mind and eyes, pushing the boundaries on sensors and data analysis in wearables. Vendors continue to pursue making use of small to large robots to provide service and delight customers in retail and home – but these continue to demonstrate more novelty than function. The advancement of artificial intelligence and voice interaction is seen each year, so engineering for mobility and other physical abilities needs to increase in pace.
  5. 5. BE2WEDISAPPEARING APPS Digital experiences no longer require traditional screens. Everyday objects have become smart with sources of rich information, frequently connecting and accessing services wirelessly. Companies at CES showed off data partnerships - traditional silos are being challenged; with this collaboration, consumers get value greater than the sum of parts. While the off-screen experiences take over our kitchens and living rooms, know that CES is never just about business, there are plenty of fun products, like smart DJ shoes and an connected tail.
  6. 6. BE2WETHE FLATTENING OF PRIVILEGE CES exhibitors prove that access and affordability continue to be big value propositions of technology. Kits to make dumb things smart, personal brewing systems, digital music teachers and coaches are but a few examples. With products like a self-service medical station for patients, and a personalized weather station for the home, the skills of professionals are at hand.
  7. 7. BE2WEFOR THE PEOPLE Companies at CES know that tech- based experiences in our homes and workplaces will challenge our urban centers to provide public services that not only keep up with the times but deliver on big data promises. Smart grids and connected communities realize environmental benefits, increased security, improved education and modern entertainment. Connecting disparate systems, to enable these rich scenarios, and addressing infrastructure challenges for autonomous cars and drone traffic, are examples of the major topics of consideration. Finding ways to enable our government and citizens to join digital ecosystems not only allows them to benefit from current tech, but gets them ready for the next industrial revolution.
  8. 8. BE2WEHEALTHY IS THE NEW WEALTHY The show footprint of health and wearables grew tremendously this year, at CES. People care more about their health than ever and have come to rely on tech for monitoring, analytics and certainly for motivation. Smart beds, pillows, toothbrushes, scales, fitness monitoring and mental-conditioning tech were among many of the bigger stories this year, with plenty of wrist-wearables and sensor-rich athletic clothing and equipment.
  9. 9. BE2WEVR’S DREAMS COME TRUE Many CES exhibitors were sharing their take on the value of VR. From gaming to exploration, from training to education, companies are working to bring valuable services and content to consumers. Even the power of creating the content will not be far out of reach, with many 360, HD and 4K cameras on display. AR literally adds another dimension to the story - bringing physical objects to life, enhancing traditional learning and social experiences, and more.
  10. 10. BE2WETAKING THINGS OFF THE THINKING LIST We try to remember and worry we’ll forget. From dogs, to kids young and old, to our health and house care - tech is helping us stress less. New service providers also showed off concepts at the show, like taking all of the hassle out of shipping a package – simply drop it in the box.
  11. 11. BE2WEB2WE Companies in our service economy know that their most valuable assets are people, and that people need flexible, comfortable environments. Ergonomic furniture that keeps employees happy and healthy are expectations of modern workplaces. Security of people was also seen as a priority for major OEMs, investing in innovation solutions such as a bone conductive safety helmets.
  12. 12. OF NOTE
  13. 13. It was inspiring to see many companies tackling big problems with innovation: Inspirational therapy tools, and products bringing the evolution of technology to hearing and visually impaired. TECH FOR A CAUSE
  14. 14. BE2WE Companies are working to use tech to bring people together, even when they are far apart - from a virtual hug across the miles, to a smart speaker phone, to social TV. There were also products that motivated kids to play outside and there were plenty of kits aimed at getting kids excited about 3D printing and robots. CONNECTING WITH TECH
  15. 15. GET READY #CES2017