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Here Is A Review - Motorolar Droid Buy Or Not Buy

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Here Is A Review - Motorolar Droid Buy Or Not Buy

  1. 1. --------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/--------------------------------------Motorola just released the much anticipated DroidSmartphone for Verizon. This was supposed to be thephone that would kill the iPhone. After using the phonefor a mere one day during this Motorola Droid review, Ihave to give a resounding two thumbs up to this awesomepiece of technology. It very simply blows the iPhoneaway. The first thing that I noticed was while taking thephone out of the package. This is not some lightweight,weak, dainty phone. The Droid is wrapped in metal almostentirely, and is rock solid. It just feels good in yourhand. Being the thinnest QWERTY slider phone ever, Ifigured it would be frail. Not even close. When I powered the phone up, a blazing red eye greetedme, accompanied by the phone announcing its presence bysaying, "Droid!" in a robotic voice. Awesome touch. Whileconducting this Droid review, I was drawn to thecapacitive screen, which has the best display with thesharpest, most vivid colors I have ever seen on a phone.The aps pre-loaded, like Facebook, move quickly to andfrom, and everything seems to flow well. Good interface.
  2. 2. A short tap on the search button, and Google searchcomes up, but what was really cool was touching andholding over the search button brings up Googles voicesearch. I was very happy with the effectiveness; I hadseveral people try it with different voices and itresponded very well. I didnt like the arrangement of some keys, it seemsI was hitting search when I didnt want to. Also, there isno button to begin or end a call. You have to access itfrom a different screen. Not hard, just bothersome. I did not care for the slider keyboard, the keysseem a little cramped, but I do have large hands andhave problems with other keyboards that most peopledid not mind. But it is really no problem because I likedthe onscreen keyboard better. Those were really the only negatives I found duringthis Motorola Droid review. The Android 2.0 operatingsystem is blazing fast, and I liked the double tap zoomfeature as opposed to the pinch screen zoom on the i-Phone. And the GPS Google Maps that is loaded isabsolutely going to keep you from buying a GPS. The Droid carries a whopping 6+ hours of talk time,
  3. 3. and 11+ days of standby, and can be replaced, though itdoes not seem that you would ever have to. And dontforget that you will not be dropping calls like the iPhonedoes on their smaller network. With Verizons 3Gnetwork, the largest of any cell phone company, you arenever out of touch. I have reviewed a lot of electronics, but thisMotorola Droid Review was a joy. It just feels good,looks great, and blazes, with massive battery life, andsweet aps. I can highly recommend the motoral Droidphone, and give it an overall score of 9 / 10. If you are considering purchasing the MotorolaDroid, review the pluses, minuses and testimonials from19 Droid owners located in the in-depth Droid reviewlocated at the link below.Get the real down and dirty Droid review positives andnegatives from 19 actual droid owners at Motorola DroidReview.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Patrick_ONeill-----------------------------------------Make Money Creating Your Own Apps AndSell Them On Apps Store, Click Link Belowhttp://ipadtop10promo.com/-----------------------------------------