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Foodpay:Powered by Hems Technosys Pvt.Ltd

  1. 1. Delicious Freak Fast Food Across the Globe Delicious Freak Junk Food across the Globe “People who love to eat are always the best people”, the one who said this was surly one hell of a #food lover. #Food lovers can go to any extent to experiment and try new things every now and then. So, if you are a traveller and can do anything to try these palatable pleasures, pack your bags and get ready to go around the world to explore. Read on to know some interesting fast #food across the globe that looks pretty weird but really delicious.
  2. 2. Sweet and crunchy waffles toped up with abnormal garnishes, it doesn’t make a difference what it would seem that, and it without a doubt tastes heavenly. Belgian waffles are served all the time in a wide range of incarnations in Belgium. Exotic #food from exotic land, warm, savory filling is surrounded by a buttery pastry
  3. 3. which is then rolled in breadcrumbs before being fried. It’s packed perfection A carb lovers dream, Koshari is lentils, pasta and rice all combined into one. A must try Egyptian dish to give you altogether a different palatable pleasure.
  4. 4. These peanut flavored puffs are both sweet and salty. The perfect alternative to popcorn or chips. This on the go snack is sure worth tasting. Chicken and sandwiches already make your mouth water, when rolled together the crispy crumbly on the go #food is a must try. This simple sandwich is available at
  5. 5. pretty much every. This cake was originally meant for religious ceremonies but has since become popular outside those ceremonies. Those fun colored toppings are Pepa biscuits. It’s like gems and cake combined together to double up cake.