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Project Support Qualifications: BioFuel

  2. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. BIOENERGY PROJECT LIFECYCLE SUPPORT Forest2Market offers a comprehensive suite of services for those seeking to understand the complexity and nuances of the US wood supply chain. Our customers use our services to ensure project success locate project sites plan feedstock procurement strategies manage feedstock risk over time ensure long-term operational efficiencies 2
  3. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. STAGE 1- EARLY STAGE DEVELOPMENT The success of a wood bioenergy project hinges on business decisions made in the critical early stages of project development. Macro site screening Logistics cost analysis Current market conditions Supplier identification Port comparison 3
  4. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. STAGE 2 - PROJECT FINANCE Demonstrate project quality to investors and commercial lenders. Verify positive economic impacts to secure grants and permits. Existing demand Long-term cost forecast Risk and opportunity Long-term sustainability Supply infrastructure Economic impact analysis 4
  5. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. STAGE 3 - PROJECT EXECUTION Ensure supply and mitigate price risk. Procurement strategy Expert witness testimony 5
  6. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. STAGE 4 - ONGOING OPERATIONS Inform strategic and operational decision making related to feedstock procurement throughout the life of a project. Feedstock cost indexing Quarterly cost benchmarks Annual sustainability review Annual procurement strategy review 6
  7. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. SITE QUALIFICATION STUDIES Forest2Market’s early stage site qualification studies provide project developers the tools they need to: • educate business partners • make sound facility location decisions • identify necessary supply and supply chain requirements Forest2Market’s data and neutrality ensure a thorough and objective ranking of potential locations via a multi-layered analysis of supply and supply chain dynamics. 7
  8. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. SITE SCREENING HEAT MAPS Forest2Market’s site qualification study ranks requirements from high to low suitability and displays the results on site screening heat maps that provide quantitative comparisons of potential supply areas. 8
  9. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. BANKABLE WOOD SUPPLY DUE DILIGENCE REPORTS Forest2Market’s reports include: • information and analysis that characterize wood supply and infrastructure in a facility’s procurement zone • long-term forecasts of sustainability and wood supply costs Forest2Market presents data along with commentary to establish the significance and implications of the information. 9
  10. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. ECONOMIC IMPACT ANALYSIS Our reports provide insight into the economic benefits of the project to: • timberland owners • wood dealers • logging companies • local economies Clients have successfully used these reports to: • secure state/local project permits • obtain project infrastructure grants 10
  11. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. PROJECT EXECUTION Supply Chain Consulting • Identify qualified suppliers • Formulate contract structure strategies to ensure supply • Develop supply and off-take agreement indexes to minimize price risk Expert Witness Testimony • Regulatory sessions • Public hearings 11
  12. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. ONGOING OPERATIONS Feedstock Cost Indexing Defensible wood feedstock price indices account for the uniqueness of the biomass supply chain. Quarterly Cost Benchmark Forest2Market’s Delivered Price Benchmark provides a means for wood-to-energy supply chain participants to compare feedstock procurement efficiency and costs to the broader market. 12
  13. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. ONGOING OPERATIONS Annual Cost Analysis Utilizing proprietary data, Forest2Market prepares a trend analysis of feedstock cost to reveal the project’s net cost. Annual Sustainability Review Sustainability of supply needs to be reconfirmed throughout the life of the project. Annual Procurement Strategy Review Forest2Market analyzes a facility’s biomass procurement performance against the broader market and provides procurement strategy recommendations. 13
  14. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. ABOUT FOREST2MARKET Forest2Market’s knowledge of the supply chain is informed by data. Using our project support services throughout the life of a project provides developers and operators with the most credible source of feedstock supply and cost studies available in the industry. DATA Unique, current and proprietary database of delivered wood raw material transactions and the extensive data collection infrastructure necessary to collect millions of market transactions every year. STAFF Statisticians, economists and supply chain experts possess extensive industry knowledge and experience. NEUTRALITY As a neutral third party, Forest2Market does not buy or sell timberland, timber or wood fiber of any kind; it does not manage timberland or provide credit wraps. Forest2Market is an independent source of wood and fiber supply chain expertise. 14
  15. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. FOREST2MARKET’S DATA The depth and breadth of data Forest2Market collects allows for unparalleled insight into biomass supply chains, from the source to final consumption. Every year, more than 30 million tons of wood raw materials are indexed to Forest2Market. We collect: 10 million loads of wood raw materials Over 90% of the feedstock volume in the US South 80% of the feedstock volume in the Pacific Northwest 15 Our data includes:  total delivered price per ton  geographic origin of wood  seller type  freight cost and distance  source cost  harvest cost  total delivered price  allocated procurement
  16. ©2016, Forest2Market, Inc. CONTACT 16 Forest2Market 15720 Brixham Hill Ave Suite 550 Charlotte, NC 28277