fakhir raza haidri fakhir ards copd icu mechanical ventilation critical care intensive care respiratory failure ventilation siut micu medical terminology health safe ventilation safety of patient sedation medicine sepsis six bundle sepsis and septic shock sepsis heliox ventilator hopital admission hospital noninvasive ventilation respiratory distress artificial breathing basic life support ccu buffer chest alkalosis acidosis acid base paralysis specific icu ppi bleeding stomach gastrointestinal support liver failure management of liver failure in general icu acute severe pancreatitis world journal of emergency surgery 2019 emergency surgery nitric oxide advanced ventilation cardiac failure weaning sat and sbt quality improvement abcdef bundle team member family empowerment family engagement exercise mobility delirium sats and sbts prevent and manage pain assess abcdef covid-19 novel corona virus corona ecg rythm disease arrythmias paramedics ambulance nurses intensive care medicine cardiologist anesthesia electrocardiogram acute mi myocardial infarction board review edic exam intracranial hypertension stroke traumatic brain injury rescueicp craniectomy vegetative state glasgow outcome scale (gos_e) new england journal of medicine craniotomy disability urine output fluid resuscitation antibiotics lactic acid angiography pe rct hydrocortisone medical hypress infection cortisol haidri steroid jama pregnancy bronchodilators magnesium terbutaline steroids fev1 intensive spirometry ossilation ossilator ventilaion status asthmaticus severe asthma asthma asystole defibrillation. post cardiac arrest therapeutic hypothermia latest recommendations lactate clearance systemic oxygenation lactate level extraction concept of delivery consumption of oxygen uptake scout trauma casualty
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