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Paytm, pdf

This assignment is about the service of one97 company which is the owner of PAYTM brand.

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Paytm, pdf

  1. 1. Topic— Online Advertisement Subject— Services management Submitted to— Rachana mam By- Rajat Gandhi TY BBA (Sem-5) Roll No.-22
  2. 2. What is Service Quality? An assessment of how well a delivered service conforms to the client's expectations. Service business operators quickly identify problems, and to better assess client satisfaction. The main base of customer satisfaction for the company is the quality of their Service. If the main basic service factors are not included and company only tried to provide the extra other things in Service then it affects the behavior or thinking of the customer regarding the image of the company. On the other side of the coin if company only focus on a particular point of service for which they exist then they will not able to survive in the market. Combination of Core service with basic service makes Service Quality For ex. If a restaurant only focuses on the quality of the food for which they exist and does not focus on the presentation of the service and did not welcoming the customers in a good manner then there is no matter for the quality of the food and customer doesn’t like to visit again. And if Restaurant only focuses on the core services during the providing the basic service and did not provide good quality of food then also the effort that takes in creating the core services are wasted. Measures if Service quality The combination of the service quality measurement tools are known as SERVQUAL scale. It includes various dimensions to measure the quality of the service of the organisation. Servqual includes the dimensions as follow: i) Access ii) Presentation iii) Helpfulness iv) Availability v) Cure vi) Cleanliness vii) Commitment viii)Communication ix) Competence- Skills, Expertise x) Courtesy xi) Flexibility xii) Friendliness xiii)Functionality xiv)Intangibility xv) Reliability xvi)Responsiveness xvii) Security
  3. 3. On the basis of the above dimensions the quality of the service of the company are measured. One97 Pvt. Ltd. One97 is cloud based company which provide various online services like Online Mobile recharge, Gas bill payment, Dish Tv recharge, Bus ticket Booking, Track the bus before boarding, Mobile Games, Online shopping, Direct selling on their website, online wallet, Payment solutions etc. It was established by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2000 in Delhi. One97 Pvt. Ltd. sell all their services under a brand name PAYTM. Paytm is their brand to provide the services like Recharge, Online shopping, ticket booking etc. Customer can get their services from the website of Paytm i.e. www.paytm.com or the mobile/tablet application of all smart phone platforms like Android, ios, Blackberry, windows. Evaluating Service Quality of Paytm.com in mobile Recharge We evaluate service quality on the bases of different dimensions of quality. We compare it with the actual service which they provide to the customer while they used to recharge their number. I) Access- Paytm provide the mobile recharge through their website and mobile application, to use their service customer has to be the internet connection. The Access of their website and the application is very great. The size of website is so less that anyone can open it even with the 2G internet connection. The mobile application is also easily available on their respective platforms.
  4. 4. II) Availability- Service of Paytm recharge is a cloud based service so it is available by 24x7. Customer can easily access their website or app and recharge their mobile number even at mid night also. III)Commitment- Paytm make a commitment/mission, “One97 delivers mobile content and commerce services to millions of mobile consumers through India’s most widely deployed telecom applications cloud platform.” And as per their commitment they provide a great commerce service to millions of mobile customer through cloud based technology. As per their result of 2013-14 Paytm handles approx. 15 million transaction per month including mobile recharge, DTH recharge etc. iv) Communication- The way of communication of one97 under Paytm brand is totally different then the other online recharge operators. They provide an customer care email id which customer can use 24x7. They create the two way communication by using social networking like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, blog. v) Competence- Here the Competence means the skill and expertise that the company have. The one97 Pvt. Ltd. is created their expertise in making the mobile websites by acquiring MobiVite which is the startup of Srishti TechNet. They provide the service to big players like Vodafone, Airtel, Coca-Cola, Nestle etc. They making their Paytm website lite using their expertise & tried to add the maximum content which customer can get on desktop website. One97 was the first firm in India to provide VAS services to Landlines. They recruit the experts in JAVA, Mobile performance. vi) Functionality- One97 continually working on increasing their ability to handle the Internet traffic. It enhances the server capacity and maintain it by server experts. It handles so many services at a hand including mobile recharge. vii) Reliability- The tag line of Paytm confense “Seal of Trust”. One97 continue the customers’ trust since last 15 years. At Paytm they provide the transparency in the transactions that customer are made. By dividing some rare cases Paytm mostly provide the refunds to their customers within a week. vii) Responsiveness- The main big Credit worthiness is of one97 is their “Response to Customer” system. They provide 24x7 email support to consumer queries. But there is a gap in tele communication at One97. They did not provide direct customer care executive contact but they provide a number at where customer can record their complains and after analyzing that they call back to the customer in come cases.