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Gapingvoid: How To Supercharge Your Event

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Cartoons and visual communications are a great way to make an event awesome - before, during and after the event. For more info contact events@gapingvoid.com.

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Gapingvoid: How To Supercharge Your Event

  1. How ToSuperchargeYour Event
  2. Your event is a BIG deal!
  3. The people attending are REALLY IMPORTANT!
  4. They might be the lifeblood of your business
  5. But it is easy to just focus on logistics
  6. And forget that having all these people gathered together is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY!
  7. An opportunity to have them LEARN CONNECT HAVE FUNHave an EXPERIENCE to be REMEMBERED
  8. A great event needs to beIMMERSIVE, ENGAGING, AWESOME and MEMORABLE!
  9. An event that gets talked aboutis an event people want to attend. (And attendance = $$$$)
  10. Inspiring visual content can add value before, during and after your event
  11. Use visuals to delight attendees and establish a mindset for the event
  12. Great visuals can also live on long after the event is over
  13. Use Visuals to Theme and Promote Le  Web  London  2012  
  14. Set the tone with Animation Daily  opening  anima4ons,  TechCrunch  Disrupt  SF  2012  
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  17. Create Immersive Environments
  18. Visuals Make Great Speaker gifts Newark  Mayor  Cory  Booker   TwiKer  founders  Ev  Williams  &  Biz  Stone  
  19. T-shirts & Schwag
  20. Post Event eBooksContent  that  lives  on  in  different  ways  aQer  the  event.  
  21. Rock out your next event!
  22. Let Us Supercharge Your Next Event!events@gapingvoid.comhttps://vimeo.com/50098323