Quotes from Sir Ken Robinson’s 2013 TED talk

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Be Like Bamboo (TEDxTokyo 2011 slides)

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Guy Kawasaki's foreword for Presentation Zen

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Lesson 4 from Johnny Bunko

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Think Like a Designer

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Sample slides based on Food, Inc.

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Slides (in PDF) from Safari Webcast

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Garr's B-Day Prezo (by Nathan Bryan)

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Garr's slides (PPTLive 08)

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Pitching Tips: presentation tips from The Pitching Coach

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Quotes & Lessons from "Comedian"

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Brain Rules for Presenters

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Career Advice '08

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Sample slides by Garr Reynolds

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Presentationzen tests audio on Slideshare.net

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New Year's '07 snaps in Japan

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