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Charlottesville commission on human rights, diversity2 014

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Charlottesville commission on human rights, diversity2 014

  1. 1. Determining Need for Commission• We felt because of socio-cultural issues revolving around race and other forms of discrimination, the numbers of complaints filed to the EEOC just scratches surface of the real number of complaints that might be addressed if there were a more accessible form of complaint enforcement locally;• if the Commission ordinance written properly people in Charlottesville could use the Commission as their first source of recourse.• The culture of racism and the fear of retribution and losing one’s job with no accessible institution for recourse has psychological and sociological effects on discrimination complaint demand.• Raw numbers of complaints filed in the last two years does not accurately reflect the real need for the Commission.• along with the testimony of local organizations in town like the NAACP, VO, Legal Aid, and QCC who handle these forms of complaints informally, that they cannot handle the demand and recommend the formation of a Human Rights Commission to do so, clearly establishes the demand and justification for the Commission