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Engineering & Management Institute

Dronacharya Group is an AICTE approved one of Best Engineering and Management Colleges in Noida/Gurgaon.Top Rank Private engineering colleges in Delhi, NCR, India.

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Engineering & Management Institute

  1. 1.  We, at Dronacharya College of Engineering, are absolutely committed to serve the society and improve the mode of life by imparting high quality education in the field of Engineering and Management catering to the explicit and implicit needs of the students, society, humanity and industry  To impart Quality Education, to give an enviable growth to seekers of learning, to groom them as World Class Engineers and Managers competent to match the expanding expectations of the Corporate World has been our ever enlarging vision extending to new horizons since the inception of Dronacharya College of Engineering.
  2. 2.  To serve the society and enhance the quality of life through excellence and leadership in professionally relevant education  Our vision is that India’s future should be both comprehensive and harmonious  We must be able to awake a greater awareness of the cultural and spiritual strengths which formed the bedrock of our past achievements and should form the foundation of our future accomplishments.
  3. 3.  Curriculum  Faculty and the staff  Teaching and assessment (methods and style).  The student-faculty ratio.  College safety  Daily, weekly and yearly routine and schedule  College infrastructure.  Parent faculty communication  The activities and sports the college offers
  4. 4.  DARONACHARYA is a best GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS in DELHI NCR  Have Highly Pofessional faculty  Best infrastructure  Academics is very good  Very good Decipline in college Enviroment  All Facilities are exellent
  5. 5.  Academic excellence  Intellectual reputation  Best Placement GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS IN Delhi NCR due to excellence academics  The goal was seldom achieved. The teaching of values
  6. 6.  Facalty are highly professional  the faculty possesses the tools and process by which they assess the students’ understanding of the subject.  The faculty creates an atmosphere that’s conducive for learning  The faculty knows their subject well.
  7. 7.  Address:-  Plot No. 7, Knowledge Park - II Greater Noida, U.P., INDIA  Contact:- Admission Helpline Number : +91- 8860606661/62/63  Email:- admission@gniot.net.i GURGAON CAMPUS NOIDA CAMPUS Address:- Khentawas ,Farrukh Nagar – 123506 Gurgaon, Haryana Contact:- 0124 – 2375502, 2375503, 2375504 Fax No: 0124-2275328 E-mail: -info@dronacharya.info Visit us:- http://www.dronacharya.ac.in/gurgaon Address:- 27, Knowledge Park-III, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh Contact:- 0120-2322022, 2323851, 2323852, 2323854, 2323855, 2323856 Fax:- 0120-2323853 E-mail: -info@dronacharya.info Visit us:- http://www.dronacharya.ac.in/gnoida
  8. 8. Visit us www.dronacharya.ac.in/gnoida www.dronacharya.ac.in/gurgaon