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  1. 1. Contemporary Traditional Asmat Culture Part 2 "The Asmat Creation Story: Fumeripits creats People from Trees" Georgina Chavez February 2nd Period 8th Culture and Geography ...  
  2. 2.   According to Asmat tradition: Fumeripits was the first being to exist on earth, and he also created the first men's ceremonial house {called} a jeu''
  3. 3.   Fumeripits would spend his days dancing along the beach, but after awhile grew tired of being alone.
  4. 4.    So he chopped down a number of trees, carved them into humans figures, and placed them inside the Jeu'''
  5. 5.   However since the sculptures were inanimate, fumeripits was still unhappy. He then decided to create a drum and chopped down another tree hollowed out the center, and sretched a piece of lizard skin over the top.  
  6. 6.   As he began to play the drum the human figures miraculously came to life, their elbows came unstuck from their knees, and they bean to dance.
  7. 7.   This is how fumeripits made people from trees. And the first people were Asmat.