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Romania and online learning during the coronavirus outbreak

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presentation during the "How to Keep Students Learning during Schools Disruption in COVID-19 Situation" event, organized by the Smart Learning Institute of Beijing Normal University.

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Romania and online learning during the coronavirus outbreak

  1. 1. Romania and online learning during the coronavirus outbreak Gabriela Grosseck and Carmen Holotescu
  2. 2. instnsp.maps.arcgis.com/apps, worldometers.info/coronavirus Current situation Ministry of Education and Research – 10 March • courses in all the schools are suspended (11-22 March) • encourages the online courses and support for learning:  Google and Microsoft free suites  Teleschool with Romanian Television • teachers will continue activities in schools - concers • universities have autonomy for their decisions Universities – 10 March • suspended also the f2f courses (11-22 March); those with foreign students - 2 weeks before (universities from Timisoara, Arad, Cluj-Napoca) • support for online courses edu.ro
  3. 3. Online learning exemplary mobilization & collaboration of Ministry, teachers, students, parents, society Romania was not found unprepared, having infrastructure, also the experience of Open Education projects and movement G.Grosseck, C.Holotescu, D.Andone – OERs in Romania, Springer chapter, 2020 Ministry of Education and • Digital textbooks - manuale.edu.ro • G Suite for Education, Office 365 - clasaviitorului.ro • TeleSchool – Romanian TV - tvrplus.ro/live/tvr-2 • Customized Moodle, online materials, webinars, OER directory - educred.ro Online communities exchanging best practices • CRED community - facebook.com/Proiectul-CRED- 265274661062902 • Coalition for OER - facebook.com/groups/REDRomania andateleteacher.blogspot.com
  4. 4. Online learning Open courses for students • hubproedus.ro - project of Bucharest City Halls • kidibot.ro • dacobots.com • digitaliada.ro Open courses for teachers • iteach.ro • suntprofesor.ro • oerup.eu LMSs and MOOC platforms • reteauaedu.ro • unicampus.ro • digitaliada.ro • https://west-university-timisoara.teachable.com/ Directories for OERs • digitaledu.ro • forum.portal.edu.ro • didactic.ro • dascali.ro • scoaladinvaliza.ro Guides • edupedu.ro • inaco.ro/ghidul-inaco-pentru-scolari • facebook.com/CoronaCastRomania Other best practices
  5. 5. Babes-Bolyia University, Cluj, ubbcluj.roUniversity of Bucharest, unibuc.roPolitehnica University Timisoara, upt.ro Universities in Romania start to suspend courses amid coronavirus concerns West University of Timisoara,uvt.ro Politehnica University Timisoara, upt.ro
  6. 6. https://masuripreventie.uvt.ro/ WUT Students’ Union, osut.ro Started 11 March 2020 West University of Timisoara is moving to online learning amid coronavirus concerns
  7. 7. edmodo.comGoogle Classroom Moodle - elearning.e-uvt.ro
  8. 8. MOOC - teachable.com Open Educational Resources // MOOCs
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention! assoc. prof. dr. Gabriela Grosseck Department of Psychology West University of Timisoara gabriela.grosseck@e-uvt.ro prof. univ. dr. ing. Carmen Holotescu Dean of Faculty of Computer Sciences Ioan Slavici University Timisoara carmen.holotecu@islavici.ro Stay safe!