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Latest trends in wedding photography

Wedding photography helps the couple to cherish the good old moments throughout their lifetime. Hence it's completely covered the fun, joy and enjoyment of the wedding day.

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Latest trends in wedding photography

  1. 1. Latest Trends in Wedding Photography Wedding photography helps the couple to cherish the good old moments throughout their lifetime. Hence it's completely covered the fun, joy and enjoyment of the wedding day. It is crucial to choose a good freelancing photographer or company to execute your wedding photo shoot. You must discuss with the photographers about the flow of events and ask them to take photos accordingly. There are some traditional must-click shots for the photographers to include in the wedding album. Mirror image of bride/groom, full-length portraits of bride/groom, bride surrounded with gifts/ flowers and bride/ groom feeding cake to each other is some of the traditional shots. Photos of wedding invitation and family portraits are also placed conventionally in the albums. Nowadays, photographers put efforts to add colors in the wedding photos by applying various creative ideas and themes.
  2. 2. Pre-wedding Shoot Wedding photo and video shoots before wedding ceremony has become popular nowadays. Couples like to take some fresh and unique photographs in casual outfits. These photos are generally taken in outdoors. You can try taking photos on sunset, deep blue sea, lakes or forest. None other thing can make your wedding photos look so romantic than a pre-wedding shoot on a beach sunset. Photo Booths We can't leave the fun moments when we talk about wedding photo video. Photographer can make some Photoshop works in the photos and make them funny. Not only the wedding couple, but also the guests can help the photographer to take some crazy shots. They can write some message for wedding couple in boards and hold them in the order. For instance, boards with the wordings "and they lived happily ever after" can be carried by four or five persons each holding a word. Celebrity Style Many of the wedding couples love to resemble their favorite movie stars and to create the scenes from their favorite movies. They can get awesome pictures while doing so and they can obtain some memorable photos of their wedding album.
  3. 3. Black & White A black and white photo perfectly suits to depict the emotions. Some important and intimate moments such as bride and groom kissing each other and the happy tears on brides' cheeks can use this theme. Toned black and white photos look great in outdoor photos. Photographers can make use of different tones to give a new look. Vintage Vintage theme is one of the most favorite wedding trends of couples at present. To get a vintage look, you have to carefully choose your bridal wear and accessories. The wedding couple should try some retro style pearls, headpieces, hats and dresses. Candid Poses Bride and groom should possess some acting skills to give candid poses. It is really difficult to create great candid poses. However it is worth doing. The photographer should take plenty of stills to get a good candid photograph. These days, wedding couple hire separate photographers for formal photo-shoot and candid photo-shoot. When they mix the photos of those two, they will get a wonderful collection of wedding photos.