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53211835 28/3/2012

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53211835 28/3/2012

  1. 1. [INC 281 MULTIDISCIPLINARY WORKSHOP WEEKLY REPORT] March 28, 2012Name-Surname Junjira NakiamStudent ID. 53211835Group Name id (instinct design)Engineering Team Top 53211816Members Bos 53211810 M 53211801 Ball 53211836Product Design P’PloyTeam Members P’JubWeekly Progress Today my companies are conclusion about project. Architecture and Engineer teams are discussion function for product. The product can check food it tell user “Waste or Not waste” and can check temperature food for prevent product. So, when the product check food it can process and show status by LED. LED have a three status( Waste , Little waste and Not Waste ).Figure 1 Function product. The product use energy by battery. An electrical battery is one or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. My company are choose battery It can charge for working process. Battery is nominal Capacity 1350mAh , nominal voltage is 7.4 Volt .Figure 2 Example product.Engineering AnalysisStrong Point - My company are can conclusion product. So, the product is can working process.Week Point - The material is expensive. - Battery maybe give voltage and Current supply be pushed for use.Next Week Job - Engineer are presentation about function of product and working of each. Department of Control System and Instrumentation Engineering KING MONGKUT’s UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY THONBURI