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2011 Social Recruiting Survey From Jobvite

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2011 Social Recruiting Survey From Jobvite

  1. 1. 20 11SocialRecruitingSurveyResults
  2. 2. introductionSocial recruiting on the rise: 56% in 2010. And they indicate that social recruiting will be an essential element of recruitingEmployers will invest more in recruiting strategy as hiring competition heats up.across multiple social networks as • 77% of survey respondents expect increased competition for talent.competition for talent intensifies • Nearly 2/3 of companies intend to recruit from competitors in the year ahead.When we began this annual survey four years ago, • Only 16% will spend more on job boards and • 1/3 expect the average new employee to social recruiting was a new idea to many a third of respondents plan to spend less on stay 2 years or lesscompanies. Between then and now, comScore job boards, third party recruiters and search reports that time spent in social networks grew firms. • Among companies anticipating increased from 1 out of every 12 minutes spent online to 1 in hiring this year, 95% now use or plan to start out every 6 minutes. Employers have clearly The data indicates that recruiting departments, like using social recruiting.followed their target talent into social networks. Our marketing departments, increasingly utilize the unique environments of multiple networks to reach Fortunately, the connections, data and reach 2011 survey found that 89% of respondents will offered by social networks can help employersrecruit through social media this year, up from 83% and engage their targets. successfully adapt to this environment of highin 2010. • LinkedIn has led in recruiting usage each churn and increasing competition for talent – anAs competition for talent grows, social recruiting year and now almost all of those surveyed environment in which they must always betops the list two years running as the most popular (87%) use the professional network, up from recruiting.area to increase investment. Not surprisingly, 78% last year.respondents’ plans to increase spending on • Recruiting usage of other major networks candidate sources are closely aligned with their stayed fairly steady with 55% using Facebook views on the quality of those sources. and 47% using Twitter. • 55% will increase their budgets for social • But now, most (64%) have expanded their recruiting; referrals, corporate career sites social recruiting programs to two or more and direct sourcing are other top categories social media channels; and 40% use all three for increased investment. top networks – LinkedIn, Facebook and • Referrals, direct sourcing and social networks Twitter. are the top rated external sources for quality Proof of a continued recovery for the labor market, candidates. 67% of survey respondents said they plan to increase hiring over the next 12 months, up from2
  3. 3. 89% of U.S. companies will use social networksfor recruitingQ DO yOu OR yOuR COmpANy use sOCIAL NetwORks OR sOCIAL meDIA tO suppORt yOuR ReCRuItmeNt eFFORts? PLAN TO BEGIN THIS YEAR 8.7% NO 10.5% DON’T KNOW 0.6% YES 80.2%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.3
  4. 4. Significant growth in social recruiting since 2009Q DO yOu OR yOuR COmpANy use sOCIAL NetwORks OR sOCIAL meDIA tO suppORt yOuR ReCRuItmeNt eFFORts? CURRENTLY USE PLAN TO BEGIN THIS YEAR2011 00% 80.2% 00% 8.7%2010 73.3% 9.3%2009 00% 68% 13.7%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.4
  5. 5. 87% use LinkedIn and 2/3 use two or more networksfor recruitingQ whICh sOCIAL meDIA DO yOu use FOR ReCRuItING?LINKEDIN 86.6%fACEBOOK 55.3%TWITTER 46.6%YOUTUBE 11.6%BLOG 16% 64%NONE use twO OR mORe sOCIAL 9.4% NetwORks FOR ReCRuItING 40% USE THREE OR MOREJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.5
  6. 6. LinkedIn gains 8% while Facebook and Twitterhold steadyQ whICh sOCIAL meDIA DO yOu use FOR ReCRuItING?100%90% 87% 78%80%70%60% 55% 55%50% 47% 45%40%30% 19%20% 16% 14% 12%10%0% LINKEDIN fACEBOOK TWITTER BLOG YOUTUBE 2011 2010Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.6
  7. 7. Social recruiting works: 2/3 have successfully hiredthrough social networksQ hAve yOu suCCessFuLLy hIReD A CANDIDAte thROuGh A sOCIAL NetwORk? NO 36.4% YES 63.6% 58% suCCessFuLLy hIReD FROm sOCIAL NetwORks IN 2010Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.7
  8. 8. 95% report they’ve hired through LinkedInQ hAve yOu suCCessFuLLy hIReD thROuGh ONe OF these sOCIAL NetwORks? YES 15.9% YES 3.1% YES 24.2% YES 94.5% LINKEDIN fACEBOOK TWITTER BLOGJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.8
  9. 9. Best outside talent comes from referrals,direct sourcing and social networksQ RAte the quALIty OF CANDIDAtes FROm these sOuRCes wheRe 10 RepReseNts the hIGhest quALIty.REfERRALS 8.6INTERNAL TRANSfERS 8.2DIRECT SOURCING 7.8SOCIAL NETWORKS 7.0CORPORATE CAREER SITE 6.83RD PARTY RECRUITERS 6.4OR SEARCH fIRmSCAmPUS RECRUITING 6.4JOB BOARDS 6.1SEARCH ENGINE 6.1OPTImIzATIONJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.9
  10. 10. Social media leads all other categories forincreased investmentQ 2010? hOw Is yOuR COmpANy ChANGING Its INvestmeNt ON these CANDIDAte ReCRuItING sOuRCes IN 2011 COmpAReD tO SPENDING NO SPENDING DON’T KNOW mORE CHANGE LESS OR N/ASOCIAL mEDIA 54.5% 34.1% 1.6% 9.8%REfERRALS 29.8% 60.6% 2.9% 6.7%CORPORATE CAREER SITE 27.7% 55% 3.4% 13.9%DIRECT SOURCING 25.5% 58.4% 2.7% 13.4%JOB BOARDS 16.4% 46.1% 31% 6.5%SEARCH ENGINE 14.5% 51.1% 5.5% 28.9%OPTImIzATIONCAmPUS RECRUITING 13.9% 50% 11.9% 24.2%INTERNAL TRANSfERS 13.5% 66.8% 1.8% 17.9%3RD PARTY RECRUITERS 12.1% 37.4% 32.5% 17.9%OR SEARCH fIRmSJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.10
  11. 11. Candidate online profiles matter even more tocompanies in 2011Q hOw DO yOu use the ONLINe pROFILes OF CANDIDAtes? DO NOT REvIEW AT ALL 13% REvIEW If CANDIDATE PROvIDES ALWAYS SEARCH 12.9% 45.1% OCCASIONALLY ALwAys seARCh FOR CANDIDAte pROFILes SEARCH 29% 45% IN 2011Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 32% IN 2010 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.11
  12. 12. Always important, high quality referrals mattereven more to those with increased hiringQ DO yOu COmpeNsAte empLOyees FOR ReFeRRALs? NO 25.4% DON’T KNOW 5.5% YES 69.1% 84% OF thOse wIth sIGNIFICANtLy INCReAseD hIRING pAy empLOyees FOR ReFeRRALsJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.12
  13. 13. Want quality candidates? Use referralsQ whICh OF these ARe tRue ABOut hIRes FROm ReFeRRALs COmpAReD tO thOse FROm OtheR sOuRCes?fIT WITH COmPANY CULTUREAND vALUES IS BETTER 69.8%RECRUITING PROCESS IS SHORTER 66.8%LESS ExPENSIvE TO RECRUIT 51.2%mANAGER SATISfACTIONIS HIGHER 40.3%DURATION Of EmPLOYmENTIS LONGER 39.1%QUALIfICATIONS ARE BETTER 35.7%TImE TO PRODUCTIvITYIS SHORTER 27.9%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.13
  14. 14. 2/3 of U.S. companies expect to increase hiring inthe coming yearQ whAt ARe yOuR expeCtAtIONs FOR hIRING At yOuR COmpANy IN the Next 12 mONths? DON’T KNOW 3.2% DECREASE 6.5% INCREASE SIGNIfICANTLY 25.3% ABOUT THE SAmE 23.6% INCREASE SOmEWHAT 66.7% sAID hIRING wOuLD INCReAse IN 2011 41.4% 55.9% sAID hIRING wOuLD INCReAse IN 2010Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.14
  15. 15. Employers expecting significant churn –more intense recruiting efforts aheadQ hOw LONG DO yOu thINk yOuR AveRAGe New empLOyee wILL stAy wIth yOuR COmpANy? 6 mONTHS OR LESS 0.9%1 YEAR OR LESS 4%18 mONTHS OR LESS 6.7%2 YEARS OR LESS 19.8%3-5 YEARS 47.7%mORE THAN 5 YEARS 13.7%DON’T KNOW 7.3% 1/3 expeCt the AveRAGe New empLOyee tO stAy 2 yeARs OR LessJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.15
  16. 16. The war for talent heats upQ hOw DO yOu expeCt hIRING COmpetItION tO ChANGe OveR the Next 12 mONths? SOmEWHAT mORE 44.2% ABOUT THE SAmE 19.3% SIGNIfICANTLY mORE COmPETITIvE 33.3% SOmEWHAT LESS 1.1% DON’T KNOW 1.6% SIGNIfICANTLY LESS 0.4% 77% expeCt hIRING COmpetItION tO INCReAseJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.16
  17. 17. Competitive hiring requires a strong offenseAND defenseQ DO yOu CuRReNtLy OR pLAN tO ReCRuIt empLOyees FROm COmpetItORs? Q COmpetItORs ReCRuItING yOuR empLOyees? hOw CONCeRNeD ARe yOu ReGARDING NOT AT ALL 4.8% WILL NOT RECRUIT NOT vERY fROm COmPETITORS 16% 16.4% DON’T KNOW 22.7% A LITTLE DON’T CURRENTLY, BUT PLAN TO 22.2% vERY CONCERNED 14.3% 18.5% CURRENTLY RECRUIT fROm SOmEWHAT COmPETITORS CONCERNED 46.7% 38.5%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.17
  18. 18. Recruiting passive candidates is the leading strategyfor competing against other employersQ whAt steps DO yOu tAke tO COmpete AGAINst OtheR empLOyeRs? RECRUIT PASSIvECANDIDATES 57.8%BETTER BENEfITS 54.3%fLExIBLE HOURS 46.6%HIGHER COmPENSATION 29.8%OPTION TO WORK REmOTELY 29%fASTER HIRING PROCESS 26.5%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.18
  19. 19. Respondent Demographics: Employer and Job RoleQ whAt type OF ORGANIzAtION DO yOu wORk FOR? Q whAt Is yOuR ROLe At yOuR COmpANy? SELf, RECRUITING, STAffING INDEPENDENT 45.8% CONTRACTOR, CONSULTANT RECRUITmENT AGENCY 5.8% HUmAN RESOURCES 30.0% 12.4% ExECUTIvE 11.8% CONSULTANT 4.5% HIRING mANAGER EmPLOYER 4.1% OTHER 3.7% 81.7% 800+ U.S. RESPONdENTSJobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.19
  20. 20. Respondent Demographics: Company Size & IndustryQ hOw mANy empLOyees DOes yOuR COmpANy hAve? Q whAt INDustRy DO yOu wORk IN? SOfTWARE, TECHNOLOGY, INTERNET 25.3% SERvICES 17.8% 5,000+ HEALTH CARE 13.1% 19.7% 1–100 fINANCE, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE 10.6% 26.9% mANUfACTURING 8.7% RETAIL, WHOLESALE 4.5% EDUCATION 4.0% 1,001–5,000 4.0% 18.9% GOvERNmENT NONPROfIT 3.9% 101–1,000 TRANSPORTATION COmmUNICATIONS, UTILITIES 2.5% 2.1% 34.5% OTHER 2.1% CONSTRUCTION 1.4%Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 Copyright © 2011 Jobvite, Inc.20
  21. 21. about this survey about jobviteThe Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 was Jobvite is the leading recruiting platform for theconducted online between May and June 2011; social web.over 800 people U.S. respondents completed the Jobvite enterprise solutions are proven to performsurvey. The survey was completed by individuals at the scale and with the reliability required byresponding to an email invitation sent to a world-class companies. Social recruiting productsregistered list of human resources and recruiting from Jobvite lead the market in their proven abilityprofessionals. Respondents answered questions to drive referral hires – by enabling jobs to be using an online survey tool and the response data is shared across social networks, on websites and viaavailable only in aggregate form. For more information about the survey, please contact our email by recruiters, hiring managers and every employee. Jobvite is a complete, modular Software-media relations team at jobvite@atomicpr.com. as-a-Service (SaaS) platform which can optimize theadditionaL sociaL recruitinG resources speed, cost-effectiveness and ease of recruiting for • the state of social Recruiting Infographic any company. • embeddable Charts • Jobvite Index Jobvite Source is the social recruiting and candidate • Job seeker Nation 2010 survey relationship management application that targets • Jobvite Customer videos relevant talent in Linked In, Facebook and twitter to • Jobvite product tours drive referral hiring virally. It’s a single intuitive application that manages all sourcing programs and then measures the results, surfacing relevant candidates from all over the web to create a talent pool for your company. connect With us Jobvite Hire is the applicant tracking system for the www.jobvite.com social web that’s easy for everyone to use - and www.twitter.com/jobvite robust enough to be adopted by some of the fastest www.facebook.com/jobvite growing companies in the world. From social www.linkedin.com/company/jobvite referral, to interview management to advanced analytics, Jobvite Hire is the faster, more productive 650-376-7200 way for everyone to work together.21