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The future of Mobile Social Location Services

A look at social location services, the history and the future - by @gletham

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The future of Mobile Social Location Services

  1. 1. LBS Going mainstream @gletham The future [and past] of mobile, social, location technologies Think LBS
  2. 2. LBS Going mainstream @gletham A presentation on LocationTech 5 years ago: Palm, Win Mobile, Symbian Mobile Mapping,Telematics, Fleet Management, Routing, vehicle tracking, E-911, friend finder, WiFi, RFID, Geocaching, Emergency response
  3. 3. LBS Going mainstream @gletham A Google Search on LocationTechToday:
  4. 4. Oct. 19, 2010 – Location awareness is becoming an increasingly vital contributor to the North American mobile user experience.While US wireless carriers reported consumer Location Based Service (LBS) subscribers of approximately 16 million in 2009 (set to grow to 52.09 million in 2015), off-deck app-store LBS apps such as Gowalla, Booyah MyTown, Loopt, FourSquare, Family Finder, Poynt, Google Latitude and countless others are growing at much higher rates and are seen nearly everywhere today. Today, U.S. wireless subscriber penetration stands near 90 percent
  5. 5. DRIVER of Location - PNDs – Personal Navigation Devices According to ABI Research market data, approximately 42.3 million personal navigation devices will be shipped in 2010.
  6. 6. DRIVER of Location – Google / Google Maps & G Earth Google has made us all aware – what’s yourGoogle-ness?
  7. 7. Location-enabled devices to exceed half a billion in 2012
  8. 8. The majority of location-based applications available through smartphone storefronts are free or available for a one-time fee.
  9. 9. IDC Says AndroidWill Be the #2 Mobile Operating System by 2013
  10. 10. Wi-Fi enabled handset penetration in the US to quadruple by 2015 - Smartphones will dominate devices used inWi-Fi hotspots:Two thirds ofWi-Fi hotspot connections will be via smartphones in 2015
  11. 11. - privacy concern and the aging GPS infrastructure are certain issues that need to be resolved to keep the industry in its high growth trajectory
  12. 12. - LBS uptake has been largely driven to the mainstream thanks to Google (think Google maps), the traditional GIS industry, social media, open source data (OSM), and a wealth of developer tools andAPIs 223 Million Smartphones to be Shipped with Open Source Operating Systems by 2014 (Juniper Research)
  13. 13. -Google Lures Mobile Developers with $10 Million Android Challenge! (Nov 2007)
  14. 14. -Nokia andAT&T give developers 10 million reasons to create apps -The Gettie Awards 2010 (Best overall app, Layar) -NAVTEQWinner for Global LBS Challenge(R) Developer Competition at Where 2.0 -Vancouver-based Cypress Solutions Inc. (www.cypress.bc.ca), marine fleet solution that tracks tugboats, barges and log booms -Mobile Developer Competition - CES MobileApps Showdown -POIdo wins Geo-Loco Startup Competition -CitySearch in search for killer local mobile/web application
  15. 15. -But… Location Services are much more than a simple Check-in!
  16. 16. -The true movers & shakers in LBS are often behind the scenes! -Thank names like Nokia, NAVTEQ, Microsoft, Esri,Tele Atlas, deCarta, Skyhook, Google,TruPosition, SiRF, Ekahau, Garmin,Trimble, webraska, RIM, and many others!
  17. 17. -Sports tracker Got me hooked! (1995) - This popular app comes out of the Nokia Research Labs. Designed for the sports enthusiast, users can manage and track their progress suing the sports tracking application. Create a work-out, plot your route, track it using GPS, export your route to Google Earth as a KML
  18. 18. Want to have fun with your photos? Geotag them!
  19. 19. Glenn Letham @gletham @GISuser – GISuser.com @LBSzone – LBSzone.com The AnyGeo (Anything Geospatial) blog Blog.gisuser.com Facebook.com/gisuser