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English Language - Exposition: Facts and Opinions

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These slides introduce the concept of Facts and Opinions to the students. This concept is important to understand the basic foundations of Exposition or Expository Writing under English Language.

Can you identify facts from opinions?

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English Language - Exposition: Facts and Opinions

  1. 1. FACT or OPINION?
  2. 2. FACT a true statement. A
  3. 3. FACTS never change. Some
  4. 4. FACTS can change. But some
  5. 5. Singapore is a country.
  6. 6. This food is hot.
  7. 7. OPINION is a statement that tells what someone thinks. An
  8. 8. OPINIONS can change. Some
  9. 9. TIME PRACTICE Can you tell if the following statements are facts or opinions?
  10. 10. Every year except leap year has 365 days.
  11. 11. FACT
  12. 12. French fries taste better with ketchup.
  13. 13. OPINION
  14. 14. Maple, oak, and pine are types of trees.
  15. 15. FACT
  16. 16. The temperature outside is 20 degrees.
  17. 17. FACT
  18. 18. Computers are the best invention ever!
  19. 19. OPINION
  20. 20. I think I look terrible in orange.
  21. 21. OPINION
  22. 22. Mother is working in the garden.
  23. 23. FACT
  24. 24. Pizza is the best tasting food.
  25. 25. OPINION
  26. 26. Soccer and tennis are both sports.
  27. 27. FACT
  28. 28. Created by Goh Bang Rui Follow me on @slideshare. @gohbangrui bit.ly/gohbangrui