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Abridged #DallaraBrookesStoryBook

Academic staff and MSc students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at Oxford Brookes University have been developing an electric racing car in collaboration with Dallara Automobile, project chaired by Head of R&D and US Racing Business Leader, Andrea Toso.
To provide an overview of the project & showcase excellent work of our students from all over the world (and hopefully capture your imagination to get involved!) here is the abridged version of our #DallaraBrookesStoryBook, first exhibited at Autosport International Show 2015.

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Abridged #DallaraBrookesStoryBook

  1. 1. [electric vehicle development project] FORMULA CLUB-E
  2. 2. “I love Formula One, dearly. If I live for 100 years I will still love Formula One. But the world is going in the direction of electric, we don't know how long it will take but we have to make a change. It's not that we want to, it's almost mandatory. If we continue like this for 100 years there will be no planet so basically there is no option.” Alejandro Agag, Formula E founder and CEO 2Donotcut “A goal of all formal education should be to graduate students to lead lives of consequence.” John Henry Brookes, Spiritual founder of Oxford Brookes University Brookes alumni in employment at major Formula 1 teams in collaboration with
  3. 3. THE VISION At the very pinnacle of the Motorsport world, Formula E is currently leading the way for the electric racing market. At the low budget end, Formula SAE electric has demonstrated that electric vehicles can dominate over their combustion-engined counterparts. Currently, there are very few affordable electric racing cars, so there is a clear gap in the market. ? Formula SAE Electric Formula E   in collaboration with Year 1 - Concept: Feasibility study & concept design Year 2 - Analyse: Identify market opportunities & design specification, design & virtually prototype vehicle Year 3 - Develop: Establish partnerships, detailed simulation modelling, final design, prototyping & model validation Year 4 - Refine: Build, test & finalise complete prototype vehicle
  4. 4. THE PLAYERS Andrea Toso, Head of R&D and US Racing Business Leader at Dallara Automobili shares design ideas with OBU students 4Donotcut Dallara Automobili Competing in all F3 championships around the world, Dallara is the sole supplier of cars to the IndyCar, Indy Lights, GP2, GP3, World Series by Renault and Japanese Super Formula championships. Coupled with their experience of supplying the chassis for Formula E, Dallara’s impressive motorsport pedigree ideally places them to deliver an electric racing vehicle. Mechanical Engineering & Mathematical sciences Nestled in the heart of Motorsport Valley, 92% of our graduates go on to employment - many in F1, Formula E and major suppliers to the motorsport industry. Oxford Brookes has an enviable reputation as the number one institution for Motorsport education, training the Automotive, Motorsport and Mechanical Engineers of the future. Business School The Business School provides strength in corporate, competitive & growth strategy, global business, international trade and foreign direct investment with subjects that focus on leadership, culture, motivation, practices, strategic human resource management and the management of the globalisation process. This allows us to consider both the mechanical and business aspects. Unparalleled Team Bringing together one of the World’s largest race car manufacturers, and the leading motorsport education provider, the Formula Club-E project is the work of an unparalleled team. in collaboration with
  5. 5. THE OBJECTIVES Leading Racing Car Manufacturer Renowned Motorsport University 100 Postgraduate MSc Students Four Year Programme 60,000 Development Hours in collaboration with Determine the market opportunities & customer requirements Identify market leading technologies & suitable powertrains Develop a complete 3D CAD model of the vehicle Simulate the vehicle performance in DYMOLA Analyse various powertrain configurations Undertake Driver-in-Loop testing in Dallara’s simulator Establish partnerships & customers Produce a complete business plan, BOM and costing Prototype and test the complete vehicle Prepare students for employment
  6. 6. THE TEAM: Design Chassis & Crash Aser Murias Closas Quentin Gueriot Ronan Antonelli Michael Booker Battery Development Pelayo Acevedo Llanes Daniel Simula Aero & Cooling Wayne Diggines Vivek Jigalur Mikey Twigge Marc Ricart Rius Electric Safety David Garcia Coz Team Leader David Lopez Almirall Business Plan Rodrigo Velasco Ramos Shaunt Avanessian 6Donotcut Suspension David Briant Michael Rooney Xavier Bas Ferrer Motor Tom Driscoll Siddhant Shah Adil Adil Project Chairman: Andrea Toso - Head of R&D and US Racing Business Leader, Dallara Automobili Academic Principal: Andrew Bradley - Senior Lecturer in Motorsport Engineering in collaboration with
  7. 7. THE TEAM: Simulation Powertrain & Battery Nikolas Siikkis Pedro Gonzalez Lorenzo Shreerama Manjunatha Javier Herrero de Vicente Jesus Guiterrez de Quevedo Team Leader Cristian Garcia Moya Pau Joaniquet Calderon Suspension & Braking Ana Sanchez Ponce Alexandre Santos Raul Ubeda Sala Driver & Laptime Alvaro Fraile Martinez Beñat Pildain Olalde Sree Varshini Miguel Freitas Bruno Braga Suspension & Tyres Rohan Shankar Federico Sanchez Motellon in collaboration with Academic Chair: Professor Gareth Neighbour - Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematical Science Academic Lead: Gordana Collier - Programme Lead for Postgraduate Taught Mechanical Engineering Simulation Support Alessandro Picarelli, Claytex
  8. 8. THE PARTNERS in collaboration with “The following have provided exceptional levels of support to the project, and have been instrumental in the development of the vehicle: Simulation Support: Alessandro Picarelli – Claytex Services Market Research: Jacqui O’Rourke, Madelaine Robinshaw & Nicoletta Occiocupo – Business School Electric Powertrain: James Broughton & James Larminie – Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics Chassis Development: Allan Hutchinson & James Balkwill - Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics YASA Motors Tim Woolmer Nick Bowler John Twycross Dom Daly Neil Fellows Daniel Bell Gabor Lukacs Amlin Aguri Mashael Alnosayan Shpend Gerguri Colin Bell Tom Elsworth Terrence Floyd Quiyang Ge Mark Preston Cooper Avon Tyres Denise Morrey Khaled Hyatleh Eric Cassells Kevin Hort Viktor Weber Brian Sims Geoff Goddard Andrew Baxter Ana Domingos Canhoto Ian Spacksman Xinyi Xu The department’s digital printing facilities used in the creation of this book were provided & supported courtesy of: Artwork & print design by David Lopez Almirall and Andrew Bradley. Binding by Miguel Ferrera & Adrian Ward - Department of Mechanical Engineering&Mathematics and Maltby’s the Bookbinders, Oxford There are also many more people who contributed to the project - thanks to all, we could not have done it without you!
  9. 9. GET INVOLVED 3Donotcut in collaboration with “What we are trying to do is make driving clean cars exciting and fun, and to try to encourage manufacturers to come into this area because, if they don’t, they are going to be left behind.” Richard Branson If you are interested in joining the project, please email mems-enquiry@brookes.ac.uk with the subject “Dallara”. We are particularly interested in hearing from the following:  Race organisers, schools & race car rental companies  Motor / controller manufacturers & suppliers  Battery manufacturers & suppliers  Potential customers & distributors  Sensors and electrical suppliers  Tyre manufacturers & suppliers  Financial investors
  10. 10. in collaboration with THE CAR