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The TPC Team presentation on E-loading business

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Make money, with or without cash on hand you will be able to load e-load credits to your cellphone or to any other cellphone. You can also do fund transfer / mobile payment regardless of network provider at an instant. Anytime, Anywhere in the Philippines or globally by simply sending an SMS / Text message!

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The TPC Team presentation on E-loading business

  1. 1. Company Profile
  2. 2. Technoconvenience You'll Enjoy and More! TELEPRENEUR CORP. (TPC) is a duly registered 100% Filipino owned company with SEC Reg. no. CS201115301. We are the Leading Company in MLM Direct Selling industry in terms of All Network Load. We have the most efficient and fastest E-loading System.
  3. 3. Company’s Legalities Certificate of Filing Certificate of Registration
  4. 4. Vision and Mission OUR MISSION OUR VISION To become the  * To constantly upgrade its systems, products and services to LARGEST and respond to the needs and demands of RESPONSIBLE Multiits dealers and consumers;. Level Marketing  * To develop and uplift our employees personal and professional well-being. Company and  * To provide appropriate trainings to SOLUTIONS produce quality leaders for them to PROVIDER in the achieve financial freedom thru the TPC's unique compensation plan. Philippines.  * To meet the stockholders expectation in terms of return of investment
  5. 5. 2 Ways to Join, 7 Ways to Earn!!! Be a Silver or Gold Member *Direct Selling: Discounts on all tangible products, Activation credits for seller. *Sponsorship Bonus, *Indirect Sponsor Bonus, *Matching Bonus *Unilevel Bonus (Loading and Products), *Leadership Bonus, *Profit Sharing
  6. 6. Direct Selling
  7. 7. Happy loading!