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pRetail Virtual Flyers Brochure

Create a single flyer and allow your customer to browse the flyer online using flash technology

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pRetail Virtual Flyers Brochure

  1. 1. INCREASE SALES THROUGH FLYERS Many businesses have been sending out good old paper flyers to their customers as a highly effective form of mass marketing. Just about every consumer can recall seeing their mailbox jammed with flyers or having a flyer stuck onto their car window. Many people have read the flyers while others quickly tossed them aside. Tracking results from the flyers was restricted to measuring sales uplift at a mass level. With the advent of direct marketing there are more effective methods to deliver flyers and spreading their promotional content. Further, it is easier to measure what is being viewed. REASONS TO ADOPT ONLINE FLYER • Reduce expensive printing costs • Decrease lead time required to launch an email flyer campaign • Ability to track what areas of the flyer are being viewed • Additional unique features like ‘forward to friends’, helps retailer to gain more focused promotion • Online Flyers are environmental friendly. No waste, no garbage and no litter HOW GROUP FiO’S ONLINE FLYERS OR VIRTUAL FLYERS BENEFIT RETAILERS • Create a single flyer and allow your customer to browse the flyer online using flash technology • Allow your customer to view multiple flyers at any given time • Allow flyers to be segregated by customer type and ensure the right group views the right flyers. • Large number of templates to choose from • Create hot spots in the flyer which will link to live pages in your website that offer greater detail or allow them to shop • Personalize your flyer. Delight your customers by dynamically presenting the flyer while they shop • Create a PDF version for emails which you can easily distribute to customers via email • Send your online flyer or special to mobile phones via SMS • Measure flyer performance by analyzing which pages are viewed and which hot zones are clicked Group FiO Inc, Suite 448, 5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T3A 5K8 Tel: (403) 648-8626 Fax: (403) 648-5099 Visit www.groupfio.com for more information For business queries contact: Ravi Srinivasan Office: (403) 648 8628 Ext 31 email: ravi.srinivasan@groupfio.com