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Slide Show Travels With Chip I Like Cheeese

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Slide Show Travels With Chip I Like Cheeese

  1. 1. I am Anna Arrowhead. I want to fall off this mountain but I am scared. I will just stay here. CRACK!! Uh oh. I started falling. Ouch ouch OU CH
  2. 2. I fell into a river. It was cold. There were lots of fish. One of the fish was swimming next to a rock like me. I didn't recognize it. Hey look a fish
  3. 3. The river was pushing me toward a meander. It was a gross one too. Uh oh
  4. 4. The meander took me toward warm sand. I just stood there until the wind push me. The sand is so soft
  5. 5. Then I ended up in a beautiful beach. I was now just a tiny grain of sand. Finally
  6. 6. THE END By Liliana Marie Staring ANNY ARROWHEAD