Sorting Is Easier Than Seducing

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24 Apr 2015

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Sorting Is Easier Than Seducing

  1. It's really, really easy to get your sites set on one girl.
  2. You meet her, have a conversation or two, and your caveman brain starts spinning.
  3. She seems perfect.
  4. You start to imagine a future together.
  5. If only you could figure out how to make it happen.
  6. There's two ways that guys sometimes handle something like this.
  7. One is they continue to interact her, but never really make any kind of move.
  8. I'm not talking a physical move, but they never ask her on a date, or talk to her so she knows the guy's interested.
  9. They sit around and hope something "just happens."
  10. Of course, this will quickly put you in the "friend zone" from which there's really no escape.
  11. Sure it happens, but it's not a good idea to depend on it.
  12. The other thing they do is suddenly confess their feelings for her.
  13. Tell her they love her with all their hearts.
  14. This usually doesn't work either.
  15. Way too much, way too soon.
  16. Both of these strategies are designed to protect the male ego.
  17. They are afraid of rejection, so they never make a move and pretty much put themselves in the friend zone.
  18. Or they want to get it over as quickly as possible, so they dump a bunch of emotions on her.
  19. If you've done either of these, you know they don't make things any better.
  20. From an objective standpoint, going down the middle is clearly the best route.
  21. Express your intentions, but very slowly, in a way that's easy for her to reciprocate.
  22. If you've never done this before, it can be very, very difficult.
  23. Every single step forward means risking rejection.
  24. She may give you her number, but she might not date you.
  25. She might date you once, but not twice.
  26. She might be willing to date you, but not get physical.
  27. She might let you get to first based, but not second. And on and on.
  28. As you can imagine, the more experience you get, the easier it will be.
  29. But this kind of gets rid of the notion of having it go perfectly with the first girl you ever lay eyes on.
  30. This requires a completely different mindset.
  31. One is that finding your dream girl is not a seduction process, but a sorting process.
  32. It's much, much easier to find somebody who likes you just the way you are, then taking some girl who maybe likes you and spending all kinds of time, money and energy chasing her.
  33. One thing that will help is to simply practice flirting with girls.
  34. Only flirting. Not number closing or long drawn out conversations where you hope something eventually happens.
  35. Short, harmless flirting with as many girls as you can.
  36. Until talking to cute girls becomes second nature, and you don't freak out when you find "The One.