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Bizsnatch! Why funny is good business.

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A comedian, a creativity expert and a software developer walk into a room to discuss why work sucks and how teams could use fun as a creative multiplier.
The software developer took fun and made a job out of it.
The comedian took fun and created a business around it.
The creativity expert took fun and reimagined education with more of it.
This panel will explore how improv and humor in the workplace are accelerating the creative process and making work more fun. Once you try it humor spreads like a virus so use protection. Yes, that kind of protection.

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Bizsnatch! Why funny is good business.

  1. 1. Biznatch! Why funny is good business. MARK • PAUL • ERICA • RACHMAN
  2. 2. Rachman Blake THE COMEDIAN @rachmanblake Co-Founder, FunnyBizz
  3. 3. Mark Halvorson THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER @halv0112 Head of Creative Strategy, Atlassian
  4. 4. Example of Mark’s work
  5. 5. Erica Fortescue THE SCIENTIST Associate Director, Innovative Learning Center forChildhood Creativity @ericafortescue
  6. 6. Paul Charney ANOTHER COMEDIAN Co-Founder, Funworks
  7. 7. Paul co-created the Funworks process
  8. 8. Example output of the Funworks process
  9. 9. Please vote for us! Thank you! MARK • PAUL • ERICA • RACHMAN