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A Journey Through Open Source

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This talk was given to the 2nd year MEng Computer Science students at the University of Bristol. It is a talk about my experiences in Open Source and working with a global community.

The audio and screencast of this presentation is at:

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A Journey Through Open Source

  1. 1. A Journey through open source Matt Hamilton matt@enquos.com
  2. 2. A bit about me • Graduated University of Bristol 2000 • Technical Director, Netsight (2001-2014) • Director, Plone Foundation (2004-2005,2008-2013) • Consultant, enquos (2014 - ) • Maintainer of Underscore mailing list • Run the BMEX network • Avid tinkerer of motorbike and van
  3. 3. What sort of job do you want?
  4. 4. life What sort of job do you want?
  5. 5. Wait? I don’t graduate for another 2 years?!
  6. 6. Travel the world
  7. 7. A global, well traveled community creates NaturalDiversity “Diversity” does not mean “women”. It means different countries, backgrounds, sexual preferences, clients and pants. The Plone community is tolerant of slim, straight, tall, short, unisex, imported and even apple bottom. The 2013 Plone Foundation Executive Board: 7 people representing 4 countries, 5 accents, 3 sexual preferences (openly), non-profit, for profit, big companies, individual contractors, and personalities ranging from troll to peace maker. Plone.org @eleddy And we love working together to boot. o/
  8. 8. Arnhem, Netherlands Brasilia, Brazil Budapest, Hungary Dublin, Ireland Geneva, Switzerland Gothenburg, Sweden Munich, Germany Naples, Italy Pennsylvania, USA San Francisco, USA Schruns, Austria Seattle, USA Sorrento, Italy Tallinn, Estonia Valletta, Malta Vienna, Austria Washington DC, USA
  9. 9. A new journey begins…
  10. 10. the first comprehensive system to track, analyze, organize and securely store nutrition, fitness and health data, while providing tools for optimizing healthy choices
  11. 11. Questions? matt@enquos.com @hammertoe