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Introducing Microsoft Forms - A New App for Your Business Process Toolbox #SPSOttawa

Recently, Microsoft released its Forms product to the wider Office 365 Business user community. With other apps like Excel Surveys, PowerApps, and Flow, you may wonder where Forms fits into the ecosystem of business process optimization.

This presentation will provide you with an overview of Microsoft Forms and compare it to some of the other options available for surveys for your business needs.

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Introducing Microsoft Forms - A New App for Your Business Process Toolbox #SPSOttawa

  1. 1. Introducing Microsoft Forms - A New App for your Business Process Toolbox Real-life scenarios that leverage Microsoft Forms for your business needs Haniel Croitoru October 28, 2017 #SPSOttawa
  3. 3. HANIEL CROITORU I’m passionate about process automation, and I work at . LEADCONSULTANT | OFFICE365 MVP | SPEAKER
  5. 5. Power Users have several options today for creating business process solutions in Office 365 Business Apps PowerAppsFlow Power BI LogicApps Stream
  6. 6. MICROSOFT FORMS Microsoft Flow further expands the offering
  7. 7. Similar to other cloud-based solutions, the forms are automatically saved and available for sharing CLOUD-BASED
  8. 8. Forms can use many questions using a combination of question types available QUESTION TYPES
  9. 9. For Quizzes, Points can be assigned to each question QUESTION TYPES
  10. 10. Leverage branching if you want the user to only answer relevant qustions BRANCHING
  13. 13. Get immediate Results - Online RESPONSES
  14. 14. Exports all the metadata captured EXCEL
  15. 15. You can build Flows to capture one or more survey results FLOW
  16. 16. It’s not a simple one-to-one mapping MAPPING FIELDS Question Type Text and Long Text Limitations/Issues Text and Long Text • Those two question types work well in SharePoint, where information gets copied in the proper format. • However, Forms doesn't limit the length of a string in a standard text field. • If the text is longer than the maximum supported 256 characters, then the workflow will hang and eventually fail Ratings • Ratings are represented as numbers in Forms. • When stored in SharePoint, you can use either a text field or Number field to store the numeric value of the rating in it. Date • Date fields captured in Forms can be mapped directly to date fields within SharePoint without any issues. • Currently, there is no way to enter time in Forms. • So if you use a Date field and configure it to show Date and Time, the time will always be 12:00AM.
  17. 17. It’s not a simple one-to-one mapping MAPPING FIELDS Question Type Text and Long Text Limitations/Issues Choices (Single) • When you create a Single Choice question in Forms, the results need to be stored in a text field in SharePoint. • Trying to save the result in a Choice field (with the same options) will result in empty results. • Interestingly, if you were to try and convert the SharePoint text field to a choice field later on, it will actually recognize the values. Choices (Multiple) • With multiple choice questions you also need to store the results in a SharePoint text field. • Parsing of the results requires extra work, as the format of the Forms multiple choice field differs from that in SharePoint, as shown below: • Forms Multiple Choice: ["100 - Beginner","200 - Novice","300 - Intermediate","400 - Expert"] • SharePoint Multiple Choice: 100 - Beginner;200 - Novice;300 - Intermediate;400 – Expert
  19. 19. There are different ways to manage surveys in Office 365 YOU HAVE OPTIONS
  20. 20. SHAREPOINT ONLINE SURVEY • Supports multiple question types with branching • Browser-based interface • Export results to Excel
  21. 21. YAMMER POLLS • Broadcast single multiple-choice question to all group participants • Results are visualized directly in the Yammer group
  22. 22. EXCEL SURVEYS • Supports multiple question types with branching • Responsive, Browser-based interface • Allow anonymous users to submit surveys
  23. 23. POWERAPPS • Highly customizable • Integrate with many types of data sources/destinations
  24. 24. OFFICE 365 SURVEY OPTIONS SUMMARY SPO Surveys Yammer Forms Excel Surveys PowerApps Structure Multi-question      Variety of question types      Logic (e.g. branching)      Default Answers      Pre-load fields      User Experience Browser support      Dedicated Client App      Responsive      Customizable Design      Anonymous Responses      Responses Export Results      Integrate with Flows     
  25. 25. LEAD CONSULTANT | OFFICE 365 MVP | SPEAKER Thank You! Organizers,SponsorsandYouformaking thispossible. Message Me On LinkedIn or Email linkedin.com/in/hanielcroitoru haniel@2tolead.com Download the full whitepapers at http://www.whentousewhat.com http://Office365Intranets.com