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Strategic source solutions

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Stanford 2012 Tech Entrepreneur Team Positions Disruptive Model Success Based Consulting Practice for Worldwide Implementation.

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Strategic source solutions

  1. 1. Strategic Source Solutions We are here to help you rule the world
  2. 2. Strategic Source Solutions13 Countries, 4 continents, one focus: to bring your company to the world stage
  3. 3. How we do it:• Strategic Source Solutions is an elite group specialized in different and complementary areas deeply rooted in countries all over the world• We have all the information on the best opportunities on our area, with the most valued providers of goods and services for our clients• We are active 24/7 to make sure deadlines are met and services are done to perfection• We arrange deals and partnerships to scale your business globally without the need of you ever leaving your office!
  4. 4. How we do it:• 1 – Powerful set of online tools – Our website is a front door for our clients – After logging in, client sends a collective e-mail to us with its needs – A global teleconference is scheduled though the website, and all the activity after that is connected on this powerful dashboard with tasks and deadlines – The client also has access to its own dashboard – Our “global mainframe” also has apps versions (iOS, Android) so everybody is connected 24/7
  5. 5. How we do it:• 2 – Strong local bonds and connections – We are have direct contact to a vast network of professional, strong and integrated local service providers – Each global area has its own strengths and weakness; we explore the local market strengths and opportunities – The weakness of each market (such as bureaucracy, lack of professionals) should be dealt with and avoided, if possible, by managing the best conditions for the client using another country strenght – Our goal is to deliver the best global unified solutions, always, saving time, money and making ideas and projects viable
  6. 6. Case study - fictional• A company on the Netherlands wants to create plastic toys with their brand mascot• SSS Assemble!• The solution: – Egypt: market research for product references and benchmarks – USA: develop a complete line of products for the toy (apps, clothing, etc) – Brazil: Freelancers design products and boxing – India: Publish website for the toy – France: Fashion accessories for the toy – Russia: Do the clothing itens – China: Assemble toy – Thailand: global distribution strategy – Japan: Advertising campaign for the toy – Portugal: Global translation of the product in all languages – Saudi Arabia: Global marketing prices/profitability index – Mexico: Global event planning strategy to kick off product launch
  7. 7. The Result:• It’s a huge global phenomena!• The World is hit by storm!• Everyone is talking about it!• The brand is now globally known!• It’s a meme, it’s a hit, it’s everywhere!!!!
  8. 8. SSS, Assemble!!!!