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PMIWDC Tysons Luncheon Meeting

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Topic: A Practical Approach to Successful New Product Development Initiatives
Download: http://bit.ly/pmiwdcho428
View: http://bit.ly/pmiwdcss428

• Are you struggling in creating new products that produce the right outcomes?
• Are you looking to build successful new products more quickly?
• Do you want to lead product innovation efforts that are profitable?

Join Hector Del Castillo in an engaging discussion for project managers, senior managers and product team leaders who want to drive successful new product development initiatives.

The ability to create successful new products is vital for companies that want to remain competitive. Doing this in a consistent way requires a deep understanding of customer needs and wants, the competitive environment, and the nature of the market. Companies with the best track record of consistently creating successful products have adopted a well-defined process that integrates the roles of product management and project management.

Hector will discuss why it’s important for product vendors to grow strong, committed product teams and implement a well-defined process to consistently build new products that customers demand to create a competitive advantage.

Bring plenty of business cards for networking and a chance to win a door prize. Must be present to win.

Hector Del Castillo, CPM, CPMM
Product Innovation Consultant
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PMIWDC Tysons Luncheon Meeting

  1. 1. PMIWDCTysons Corner Luncheon Meeting ‘A Practical Approach to Successful New Product Development Initiatives’ Hector Del Castillo Product Innovation Consultant http://linkd.in/hdelcastillo Tuesday, 28 April 2015 from 11:30 to 13:00 Greensboro Conference Center Currie and Drew Conference Room 1710 SAIC Drive, McLean,VA 22102 Handout: http://bit.ly/pmiwdcho428 Slides: http://bit.ly/pmiwdcss428