data warehouse the transaction design patterns that are described call jspinit load class session function application call jspdestroy . 8.6 match correct descriptions a pagecontext page or use with any of the following implicit objects: create instance identify the jsp page directive or standard tag in exception . 8.7 distinguish correct and incorrect response an iteration statement 9.1 given a description of out 8.5 identify and put in sequence the following ele jsp page compilation config call _jspservice 2.1 identify the structure of a web application an for each of the following deployment descriptor el and the name of the directories where you place th the name of the webapp deployment descriptor identify correct statements bout its purpose or ab or destroy 1.4 identify the interface and method to access va service and http request methods server response introduce the java enterprise (j2ee) model present 3.1 identify the uses for and the interfaces (or c value object data access object mvc business delegate sun certified web component developer web services ejb j2ee
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