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99designs clone features

Features of 99designs clone

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99designs clone features

  1. 1. 99designs CloneFeatures of 99designs clone
  2. 2. Host Any kind of Design ContestContest discussion boardMultiple language supportPayPal Adaptive Gateway
  3. 3. Host Any kind of Design ContestEvery design contest website wants to host different types ofcontest. To meet this requirement every design contest scriptneeds a form builder. It empowers the admin of the website togenerate different forms for each design contest.This feature helps the website admin to grab all therequirements of the contest holder and convey them to thedesigners in an organized way. It will help the designers toprovide classy and professionals designs to the contestholders.
  4. 4. Contest discussion boardEvery contest holder wants to discuss his requirements,updations, details, etc. It is one of the crucial requirements ofa potential design contest website, so look out for a clonescript which allows, the contest holder to discuss variousdetails with the designers both privately and publicly.Public conversations help other designers to know somedetails and private conversations will provide details to aspecific designer.
  5. 5. Multiple Language SupportA design contest website gains more popularity when it hasreach various parts of the globe, it is possible only if thewebsite has a multiple language support. This feature helpsthe citizens of various countries to see your design contestwebsite in their native language. It helps to attract users toyour website and spread your website across the globe.
  6. 6. PayPal Adaptive GatewayA design contest script should have an automated paymentmechanism; it should be hassle free for the website admin tomanage his payments.When a contest holder pays the price money to the website,the commission of the website is taken automatically from theprice money and distributes the remaining price money to thewinning designer. By using this feature, website admin caneasily manage his payments.
  7. 7. Social network connectivityEvery design contest website should be very active in leadingsocial media website, so look out for a website clone whichhas social media connectivity with websites like Facebook,Twitter, Google, Yahoo and Open ID. It should also havesocial sharing and commenting options. This feature will helpto spread your reach to various people and help you to fetchmore traffic and popularity from these websites.
  8. 8. ConclusionSelect a website clone script which has various features andhas many mechanisms to earn money. A professional andreliable 99designs clone script will be an active core of yourwebsite. Using these clone scripts you can save time andmoney. So, select an apt clone script and start earningspontaneously.
  9. 9. Thank YouAgriya’s 360Contest has a cutting edge solution for the designcontest industry. It has surprised the clone script markets inmany ways. Its multidimensional features makes it a splendid99design clone script.