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The Global Expantion Checklist

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My presentation given at SVFT Conference in Tokyo.

My Blog: http://hmaeda.com

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The Global Expantion Checklist

  1. 1. The Global Expansion Checklist by Hiro maeda
  2. 2. Portfolios (30+ Companies) Giftee Qiita A service with which you can send small gifts via Twitter and email. Anyperk Sassor WHILL Viibar Fril http://giftee.co Dreampass http://dreampass.jp On-demand service for movie screening at theaters. http://qiita.com/ Knowledge sharing platform for programmers http://anyperk.com/ AnyPerk offers great perks as employee perks. Electricity-consumption management tool for homes. http://sassor.jp Next generation personal mobility.  http://whill.jp Crowdsourced video production platform http://viibar.com/ Marketplace for women http://www.fril.jp
  3. 3. Advise Against Global from Day 1 • The world is complex. • Need to focus. • Maximize Leverage. • Pick one market to dominate.
  4. 4. Phase • Product/Market Fit? • Should be on track to dominating your local market. • Example: 10M downloads where the break down is 20% USA, 10% Japan, and 10 other countries with less than 5% is not dominating a market. • BUT! if they are all engineers than you are dominating.
  5. 5. Phase (Scoring) • (5 points) - Product/Market fit with clear path to dominating your local market. • (3 points) - Product/Market fit no clear path yet. • (0 points) - no Product/Market fit
  6. 6. Language / Culture • Do you speak their language? • Do you understand culture and nuances?
  7. 7. • (5 points) - Native Speaker, lived in the country. • (3 points) - Speaks well enough, immersed in the culture • (2 points) - Me No Understand Language / Culture (scoring)
  8. 8. Talent • Need to be able to hire the best talent in the market you enter. • Execution is everything. • Not enough due diligence on the country manager. • Need to treat it liking adding a cofounder. • They need to live and breath your company culture. • They need to be share the same passion, mission, vision. • need a lot of coaching
  9. 9. • (5 points) - We have the A-Team, The Furious 5, The Avengers. • (3 points) - Subpar team. • (0 points) - meh. Talent (scoring)
  10. 10. Landscape • Competitive • Is there competition? • Need to assess the competition rigorously. Can you really win? • Funding Environment (IE. Grab Taxi ($250M), Didi Kuaidi ($1.5B), Delivery Hero ($110M) • Market & Cultural Landscape • Alternative solutions, cultural fit.
  11. 11. • (5 points) - We can beat competitor, out execute, out capitalize, and there is market and cultural fit for your product. • (3 points) - There is market and cultural fit, but beating competitor might be a challenge. • (0 points) - no market and cultural fit. Landscape (scoring)
  12. 12. Network Effects • Definition: “Effect that a single person using a good or a service has on the total perceived value of that product or service for others. The more who use the product or service, the higher it's value becomes to the group” • Is it a “Cross Border Network Effect?” Meaning, Does the network effects from one country, affect users to the other country? • Examples with services with cross border network effect (Instagram, AirBnB. • Example with little or no cross border effect (Food Delivery, content sites)
  13. 13. • (5 points) - Very strong cross border network effects. Every additional user or content will benefit the users from anywhere in the world. • (3 points) - Some or little cross border network effect. • (2 points) - no network effects. Network Effects (scoring)
  14. 14. Scoring! • Phase • Language / Culture • Talent • Landscape • Network Effects
  15. 15. Results • (25 Points) - Go! Go! Go! • (15 Points~) - And didn't score ‘0’ in any category then you should consider, but with caution. • (Below 15 Points) Don’t even consider.
  16. 16. Simply A Reference