How shit works: Time

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Nondeterministic Software for the Rest of Us

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Slaying Sacred Cows: Deconstructing Dependency Injection

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An Abridged Guide to Event Sourcing

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How shit works: the CPU

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How Shit Works: Storage

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Java 8 and Beyond, a Scala Story

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The Wix Microservice Stack

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Scala Refactoring for Fun and Profit (Japanese subtitles)

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Scala Refactoring for Fun and Profit

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Onboarding at Scale

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Scala in the Wild

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Speaking Scala: Refactoring for Fun and Profit (Workshop)

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Put Your Thinking CAP On

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Leveraging Scala Macros for Better Validation

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A Field Guide to DSL Design in Scala

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Functional Leap of Faith (Keynote at JDay Lviv 2014)

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Scala Back to Basics: Type Classes

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5 Bullets to Scala Adoption

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Nashorn: JavaScript that doesn’t suck (ILJUG)

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