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5 Key Items HR Should Consider Before Buying HR Technologies

In this session get to know,
- Why is HR Product Selection so Important?
- How to choose between 'Build' versus 'Buy’?
- 5 key parameters to evaluate for each technology
- How to Bridge Gaps between Products through Customizations? 

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5 Key Items HR Should Consider Before Buying HR Technologies

  1. 1. 5 Key Items HR Should Consider Before Buying HR Technologies The State of Today's HR Tech Stack September 17, 2020
  2. 2. By the End of this Session, You Will Learn • Why is HR Product Selection SO Important? • How to choose between 'Build' versus 'Buy’? • 5 key parameters to evaluate for each technology • How to Bridge Gaps between Products through Customizations?
  3. 3. Poll #1 What role do you play in HR product selection in your organization? You can select multiple options A. Decision maker B. Influencer C. Evaluator D. Not involved in selection
  4. 4. Why is HR Product Selection So Important Now? What has Changed?
  5. 5. HR Goals are Changing… Strategy Take Strategic Decisions Engage Keep Employees Engaged Collaborate Collaborate in Org Goals Govern Govern Productivity Brand Build Employer Brand Innovate Innovate to Hire and Retain Talent
  6. 6. Technology is Evolving… Faster Processing More Secured Analytics Driven AI (Artificial Intelligence) enabled Automation Integration Ready
  7. 7. Additional responsibilities: Post-COVID Imperatives • Back to work • Work from home • Employee wellbeing • Fitting in small budgets • Productivity • Reskill and redeploy • Diversity & inclusivity
  8. 8. Select Your HR Products Carefully Select Your HR Products Carefully
  9. 9. Poll #2 What is your organization’s mandate for HR product/service procurement? A. Buy from market B. Buy through IT partner(s) C. Build internally D. Build through an outsourced partner E. Leverage open source technologies
  10. 10. How to Choose between 'Build' versus 'Buy'?
  11. 11. Requirements Budget Technical proficiency Time to solution Competitive advantage Focus on 5 Deciding Factors
  12. 12. Buy vs Build Build scenario: Chatbot in HR Ticketing Understaffed HR Team Overwhelmed with HR cases Unresolved cases leading to frustrated employees US based tech company with 100,000 employees worldwide Employee HR Chatbot for routine HR ops HR 60% tickets handled by bot Avg. 35 seconds to resolve Time Saved and Invested in Strategic Initiatives
  13. 13. Buy vs Build Build and Integrate: Performance Management and HRIS PoleStar and SuccessFactors
  14. 14. Why Did We Decide to 'Build' Instead of 'Buy'? 1. Existing One-on-One (O3) app 2. Our Requirements were very focused 3. Our existing HCM did not cater to all our Requirements 4. We had a high performing internal dev team that was Technically Proficient 5. Time to Solution - We wanted to go live in a couple of months 6. Budget
  15. 15. What Were Some of Our Requirements? 1. Build on the success of our previous O3 app 2. System should be conversational in nature and track performance 3. Create a culture of change and engagement 4. Complete transparency between the direct and their manager 5. Integrate with our various internal apps 6. Custom dashboards and reports for on-demand information 7. Track learning
  16. 16. Home Page Customization and scheduling Nudge your direct Nudges for you!
  17. 17. Driving performance goals and transparency Goals Page What were some of our requirements?
  18. 18. Drive better feedback and engagement
  19. 19. 5 Key Parameters to Evaluate
  20. 20. Data is Supreme Data security Data interoperability Auditability, compliance and custom reporting Actionable insights •Workday CSO stressed on the importance of newer Data Privacy and Security Standards for the post-COVID world HR Open Standards consortium is building new standards for data exchange 1
  21. 21. Integration is Fundamental Job boards integrate with Glassdoor for getting employer ratings Skillsoft Percipio integrates with SuccessFactors LMS for courses Harbinger has built over 60 custom connectors to integrate diverse HR systems 2 HR use over a dozen products Several are stuck with file-based data exchange Need for real time and automated data exchange • Configure once, use many times • Fully automated • Multiple data sync options
  22. 22. Self-Serve and Self- Help Products No lengthy implementation cycles Built-in setups and workflow templates Wizard-based tools Readymade reports Access to a user community 3 Salesforce is ready out of the box Wizard-based customizations Harbinger builds products equipped with page designer and wizards for designing workflows
  23. 23. Pricing and Billing Needs an Overhaul Per employee per month is too rigid. Flexible pricing is preferred. ROI reports Prefer Add-on fee for additional components or extended usage 4 Atlassian charges a basic fee for JIRA and applies additional fee for features ATS gives a cost-per- hire comparison, at times
  24. 24. App Extensions & Marketplaces Plugins on enterprise platform marketplaces Facilitate in-context interaction for better engagement and user adherence 5 Cornerstone LMS plugin on Zoom for streaming training Cornerstone’s training app on Salesforce AppExchange Betterworks chatbot for Microsoft Teams for employee surveys Harbinger has built chatbots for Outlook which answer HR policy questions
  25. 25. Poll #3 How does your organization handle customization requirements? You can Select Multiple Options A. Through implementation partners B. Through internal teams C. Through specialist vendors and consultants D. Custom requirements remain unfulfilled
  26. 26. Bridging Gaps in HR Products Through Customizations
  27. 27. Possibilities - Customizations Integration options with specialized point systems e.g. employee engagement, learning systems, and more Mobile apps personalized to employee activity/tracking or important company updates Teams/ Slack/ Zoom-enabled apps for attendance, check-ins, video meetings Training nuggets/reinforcement delivered via different communication channels Develop insights via an integrated layer over all HR reporting layers
  28. 28. Summary • Focus on HR’s strategic goals and let HR technology take care of operations • Consider all options – 'Buy', 'Build', and 'Integrate' • 5 key items to consider • Data is supreme • Integration is fundamental • Self-serve and self-help products • Pricing and billing needs an overhaul • Listings on app extensions & marketplaces • Bridge the gaps using custom solutions
  29. 29. Lalit Suhas MaheshkumarSayali Vibhuti Smita PrachiUtkarsh Strategy Technology UX Design Product Management Product Engineering Services Data Engineering Services Consulting
  30. 30. Thank You Q&A Please write to us at Consulting@harbingergroup.com https://harbinger-systems.com/