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We are Conversologie                                                                          ve,       l                 ...
Global provider of digital engagement solutions                      Con                           v                     c...
Empowering small businesses by making technology                       more social                                        ...
Through a conversational approach   Weunder value exch     stand         a            ing yo nge, dialo     soluti       u...
Our solutions                       er   nt              Cu stom nageme       ocial nship Ma•  S latio      Re            ...
Social Customer Relationship Management
Find your voice in a consumer-dominated market conversation                                                               ...
Social Customer Relations Management Services           Socia                                                    Socia    ...
Sustainable connections through meaningful and                               convivial interaction                        ...
Gamification Services                                                                       Gami                    Strate ...
Virtual Events
Leverage your engagement strategies through an                               emerging social custom                       ...
Virtual Events Services                                                                                    Virtua         ...
We are Conversologie. Your Conversologists                                                                                ...
Talk to us                          Hub          Desi                 er   t Co              gnat                    ion  ...
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Conversologie Digital Engagement Solutions

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Global provider of engagement solutions. Conversologie is a digital engagement consultancy firm providing innovative and strategic social crm, gamification, virtual events and online training solutions designed to meet the needs of forward-thinking entrepreneurs and freelance professionals around the world.

We design engagement solutions that enable your business to ensure open communication with your clients through effective social customer relationship management.

We develop and organise virtual events and online training to extend your reach, maintain your competitive edge and keep you abreast of online media trends.

We engineer behaviours through gamification to help your company create and retain brand loyalty, drive marketing performance and enhance productivity, as well as boost workplace motivation and promote social good.

| www.conversologie.com | @conversologie | www.linkedin.com/company/conversologie

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Conversologie Digital Engagement Solutions

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  2. 2. We are Conversologie ve, l n o vati g digita d g, in n nkin le a youn ard-thi sociab s are w e y We and for . We ar e toda r ving nals we a fu n-lo rofessio nable, rs. o vy p erso onnectsav ighly p we are We h c multic are diverse, from d u ifferen ltural, we of t persp fer solu in end ect tion We us less po ives. We beli s e our c eve reativit ssibilities. into op y to tu portun rn obstacles ities. We are custom er-ce are involved. W ntric. We listen. We e value particip conversation a ative nd effective op communicatio en n.     ips. tionsh th en rela hanges. streng exc e bu ild and logues and resh ideas W ia f rture d omise eliver. We nu value. We pr . We d d ns We ad solutio gaging and en
  3. 3. Global provider of digital engagement solutions Con v cons e r s o l o g u i strat l t a n c y e i s a egic firm d and socia p ro v i g i t a l o l id e the n nline tra crm, gam i n g i n n n g a g e m e ining i o e freela eds of fo solut fication, v a t i v e a n t We nce p rw io vir n rofes ard-thin ns desig tual eve d onlin develop siona ki ne nt e tra a We d ls aro ng entrep d to me s your ining nd orga your esign en und r e the w eneurs a t onli competit to exten ise virtu n b g ne m w i t h usiness agement orld. nd iv edia e edge d yo a ur re l events t trend and custo y o u r c l o ensur solutions We e s. keep ach, ma and mer ients e op t you in   relati onsh t h ro u en com hat enab n help gineer b abre tain gh l e ast o   ip m anag e ff e c municati e l o y a your co haviours f eme tive on l t y, mpa throu nt. soci enha dr ny gh g al n c e i v e m a r create a work p ro d ketin and mificatio place g p r n moti uctiv i t y, e r f o etain bra to vatio as rm nd n an d pro w e l l ance an mote as d socia boo l goo s t d.
  4. 4. Empowering small businesses by making technology more social l and wer smal gital i d empo dering d ogy re an ren ol inspi es by techn ive to siness and e str u ues W b hniq io n to m edium ent tec . nd ur vis . agem to them c e a to e is o nt eng e eran ologi gageme tless ssibl e x u b r clients a vers n n acce cial ou f Con digital e o the rele ment rt o er in on , s o enable rs i n ea t e pas si o m e to build ehAt th lobal lea d itted ngag s , we ust g is c omm vative e onsumer W i t h ve ideas t h e i r c in order parentbe a rsologie ring inno e way c te with i creat e w i t h versation nd a tran s e e h a Conv t of deliv nsform t ommunic g on e n g a rative c t, loyalty a i r a c pursu ns that t ract and bo colla aintain tr ment us io e solut rands int s an d and m ss enviro n b d and other. b r a n s more busin e ke each ma unitie ful u r t o al, comm e a n i n g avo ci m e n d e more so r o m o t e We logy d p te chno t e d a n ec c o n n nge. a exch
  5. 5. Through a conversational approach Weunder value exch stand a ing yo nge, dialo soluti u g ons. G r contextu ue and me uided al n an by ou arratives ingful con r valu is v es, ou key to de ersations. r app s W roach igning effe e believe reflec c th ts this tive engag at philos emen ophy. t
  6. 6. Our solutions er nt Cu stom nageme ocial nship Ma•  S latio Re n ifi catio s •  Gam l Event a •  Virtu
  7. 7. Social Customer Relationship Management
  8. 8. Find your voice in a consumer-dominated market conversation hip e ions are t st h elat d a bra nds mu me r R phy an ble o a g lobe, tions and oices C u s t o a philos d to en in s the ersa eir v ial is S o c ement gy desig their clie r to ne nts ay, acros ple conv re that th rmation ag e h eE i veryd of mult le to ensu here inf e social o Man ess strat gage wit on in ord in a n i ctsubje ntly strug a world g w her nd w chnolog y, busin nies to e onversat ial value e s s ht a a c c n ta cons eard. In ed of lig digital te al fabric comp borative ly benefi n t b u s i take lla al e are h pe th the s wines wi s our so rrency o ci f a co a mutu r a n s p a r nesses to e r- ls at t u e t creat d a n d llows bu a c u s t o si m trave tion inter serves a e true c te a c intera unication ns are t h t r u s nment. It t a n c e i n ation. o s comm onversati o med , envir a c t i v e s t conver or ro ke ne to an d c omy. we ll-inf mers, a p ated mar omeo and n u in for s n ou r eco as ingly en cons p u re l y dom loo ndking reputatio and i n c re u t s p o k o m a uses are r you nline bra ified lea prove ds w ith o fr foc the ur o d nd ve that Whe e yo qual ces, im sure Face nding a ust mo one ere a t g ate n n a o . H r mana ty, gene r prefere tes or e y to d e m a n i e s m proach t ersations ustomer li i p p v i visib tand th etention e r a ead c o m ctional a and con Social C t wil l we are r a s r s tha rs unde ustomer r service, r trans ationship we offe solution f-mouth. c e k. o n rel sologie, agement r word-o n y o u r your y custom that wor t s er an Conv onship M ce and f p y o u avo tur d quali solution or s an n i i Relat y your vo w i l l h e mbassad l desig if s d a ampl t r a t e g i e bran s to . Our rs in elists tome tic evang cus sias enthu
  9. 9. Social Customer Relations Management Services Socia Socia l Med ia Str ategy l CRM Servi Deve •  Aud lopme ces! it of exis nt ting s •  Pre o cial m Socia para edia p l Med includ tion of So resen ce. ia Set -up/R ing im cial M edesig based pleme edia P •  Cre n busin on an in-d ntation sc lan, accou ation of ap es e he Socia targe s objectiv pth analys dule, n prop media ts based o riate socia l Med t beh es, de is of ia Ma aviou strate n the l nagem r and fined mar gy. define network ent an•  Esta brand ke d soc blishm mess t, •  Soc ial ial •  Con d Mo nitorin ent o age. tent D f key brand Media Gr and p evelo g point c aphic osting pmen indica coher onsistenc Desig n: Distrib on all t: con tors. ent vis ya ten chann ual id nd ensure maintain u s socia tion of cu ocial netw t creation els (c entity a l book rated orks. tab ic o a ons, F ver photos cross all s comm m co unity arking to b ntent from acebo ,b oc •  Opt ok we anners, lo ial •  Com mem bers. ring value lcome go to im accor isation of page) s, mu ding t brand . monit nity Mana or g voice . o bra nd po messaging handle ing to kee ement: da sition conne p cha ily appro nn ing an d val an ction requ els clean, mess d esc ests a ages a nd that n lation via eeds email •  Com your r o mu espon f mana nity Enga se. ge su geme custo rv nt mer in eys and p : build and comm sights olls to c comm unity discu and encou ollect ents a ssion rage Organ cross s. Re is a sp socia ation and ll social ne ond to l med imple twork ia eve m nts an entation s. •  Pro d con of mo tests. targe te brand a te w camp d social m areness th aigns edia a rough Goog (Face d le Ad book vertising s) Ad, L inked In,
  10. 10. Gamification
  11. 11. Sustainable connections through meaningful and convivial interaction and reate ing ame s to c t of g me jec tive i e marke ity, tion ga r ob driv ctiv plica well as the r you loyalty, ce produ mote ap the es, as nder Whe brand nhan pro s to re un, nd e ivation or ellness on i iqu text f n retai mance a mot mi ficati nd techn ame con ce more nd w rtGa s a n-g rien p erfor orkplace health a our expe ment gy in no or expe tw n, nt, esignele holo ices boos educatio velopme to d ined psyc ts, serv tivating. nal exter g ty e quali tainable d are read ns dest ry y c o u prod ing and m ether in s or su sologists ent solut goals, ev io e ag nts , wh s t a b l i s h n er m eng clie e a conv engage ain your your b e y o n d ction. In ere l tt with s era wh socia p you a aging a l , g o e uires int resent, el . rrent E ng n q p ciety to h f the way ur cu ine i n t e r s, it re like the u r so tion, o e yo or n ectio conomy in o sidera step nalys and deter lise m conn on e mat ion con ntion as u a infor ught and   p yo fine ptua d ti atte ll hel ntext, de nd conce atten ance of of tho e and We w ss co i m an d y im e ers” a nsfor nd abun s scarcit pete for t s. y a busin rget “pla od to tr l t e r i n g a s. e s creat nies com awarene ative ta your ified me r s b y th a ition cond e a t e a r nnov itive comp battle fo the i s a ga m viou ntal b e h a nvironme u s t o c that r nd s ar ness duce po and e bra we h pro s, s h a p uring e on iours   ol ogie, cation to ationship unity, stru ct co unt er b ehav nvers mifi re l mm c a n and trigg A t Co ch of Ga o cial g to a co e a n d Yo u iasm oa ld s in os appr ns, bui f belong f p u r p s enthu e results . tio o o uc emo a sense ense prod e a s creat e l l a s nt. a s w plishme m acco
  12. 12. Gamification Services Gami Strate g ic ana ficatio n Ser lysis o f a po vices •  Fe tentia asib l gamifi ility a ed so ! na lysis o lution •  G f a po amific tentia desire ation stra l gam ified s d te appro behaviou gy develop olutio n. priate rs and ment fun ele m : bu Gamifi •  Ela ment etrics, targ siness ob ed W eb-ba s and e je bora and p tion of ga activit t players, ctives, •   Cu stomis sed P latfor athwa me na y loo platfo able a m rra ps. rm se nd ga y to m •  Id astery tive: on-b comp any c rvice th mified w entific . oardin g, sc ulture at allows e eb-based and e ation of a affold ing •  M and b n p usine terprises t rivate com le p solutio ments to propriate easur insigh e pro ss ob o jectiv promote any p n. be int game gress es. egrat ts. •  M ed to dynamics, of str ategic a par otivat ion an ticula mechanic goals and g d rew r gam s ain s ard p ificatio tatistic•  Pe rogra n al riod m de advis ic result a sign. ory se nalys rvices is and . impro veme nt co nsulta ncy a nd
  13. 13. Virtual Events
  14. 14. Leverage your engagement strategies through an emerging social custom t recen the nies and mpa al tition s co ition co mpe e require trad o r e ns Gl obal ic climat tions to e m inte ractio of om s olu o b ficient. r econ d new s t f -b ased he powe nt fin ra c t i c e d cost-e fast in web t t me to s p an ead are hat enlis environ t e , i n e s engaging e are st logy. We vents s t ital bora b u s ive, e, w hno rtual e ndividual te a dig colla e ffect versologi edia tec organisin l gVi en i rea to on m f ba etwe ogy to c t i c i p a n t s on. ical At C ging new ibility o your glo al, b o l pa r rmat i phys nt a s e it techn n a b l e t on e info cut cos your ev t e e lever the pos enhanc an cap ial e ar a n d rk and sh al is to ach of l i m i n a offer events to hum soc o re l p your nt and ous o netw er your g ase the e, e uce virtua , develo gageme norm t h e c y c l a n d r e d ime reach nsure e h o u t t h n e e Whe ngs, incr i t s l i f e n t s t eti d rai l e s s rate e and c t i o n w it me xpa n onst pend ene d ifying an d e h i c a l c p a c t , s ctivity, g an a i n t e r se. dent i n g rap im odu a p t u r i n g n to i g e o g n m e n t a l rease p t a c r , we expe plan ning, o r g a n i z ar c rship ing in ro n e n v i ng and i p ro v e d ght lead engag a e   s tra tegic d o r s , t o st, web n a o li trave a n d i m blish tho you with fit you u r From e s t v e n g, webc n r e l y t a l s a l e a d g or est provide hat bes t the b ainin ca igi in o t ora te tr t , y o u e l i v e r d and track epared t olutions corp i d e c a s l d ality e t o e person t a rg e t r i are p event s ess o r s e r s o l o g uit th your l . busin v s virtua ss needs he ed t unicate. C o n ies that l e s o f ne ang mm eg ty busi ch strat c t i o n s has ands co a edia br i n t e r ce. O nli ne m and how audie n ape la ndsc
  15. 15. Virtual Events Services Virtua Virtua l l Even ts Se Event Plann in g and •  Ne eds a Conc eptua rvices !   nalys lisatio is and n •  Cr consu eation ltation   of eve . nt ag •  De enda. finitio   n of t Virtua imelin l Event •  Pr es an Mana esent d resp •  Ev geme   ation onsib ent nt Desig ilities. sched •  Co n Lay uling ntent out. •   Pa and v   Mana rticipa irtual geme nt reg room •  Ev nt. istratio set-u ent P •   Us n. p.   romo er-en tion. try an •  Co d per ntinge •  Q missio   ncy P &A co n mo lannin ordin nitorin •  Te g. ation. g. chnic •   Au   al tes dienc ting (b e poll •  Ev andw ing an ent te idth c •   At d sur   chnic apab tende vey m al reh ility, s e tech anage •  Pla earsa ystem nical ment tform l sess s, etc •  Ev suppo .   orient ion. .) ent H rt. ation osting•  Sp for th . eaker e spe •  Ev pract akers ent M ice se . odera ssion tion. . •  Vir tual E to be vent sent t Asset Man o the a •   Po partic gement (p st-eve ipants dfs, v nt rep ) ideo, orting slides , links and a nalys is.
  16. 16. We are Conversologie. Your Conversologists s  a   and   b olize f   e  ar t   sym  o is  th gital   le”,   munity n.   ipp com |   R o o-­‐jie  di . he  “ a   rsa4 er -­‐so-­‐l ainable ersa4on n  as  t among   f  conve kon-­‐ v  sus t  con v n ow ip   e  o gie  | esigning hrough go,  k la4onsh  a  circl  lo  re erso lo  d s  t Our ant ed  inC f onv ience  o solu4on vibr e  gather sc ent   pl gem peo enga represe The  term  Con n v build  c ts  our  missio ersologie     onnec4 n  and  p promo on hil te  mea s,  foster  colla osophy  to   innova ningful bora4o 4ve  an  exch n  and   d  meth ange  throug odical  a h   pproac an   h.   This  new  d iscipline  is resolve,  w  a  h hich  has  p int  of  our  crea4ve   The  dy n evolu4on   aved  the  w ay  to  the   of  light amic  use  of  c of  a  new  b ,  em ol or communic reed  of  so cial   and  en ula4ng  the  u s  and  gradien ators,   ergy,  re ndula4 ce   interac p o Conversolo called     4on  lea resent  conne n  of  sound   gists.   d c4ons  a   e   and  en ing  to  dynam nd   inabl gaging   i a conver c  discussions    sust sa4ons ,  build ngaging      we e  e . r 4ons cilitat d  thei r  solu  fa ds  an u gh  ou 4ons  and een  bran nts.   Thro nnec  betw lie co nal  c ersa 4ons nd  exter conv nternal  a i
  17. 17. Talk to us Hub Desi er t Co gnat ion sico Offic Chie e Mob Con f Engage ile ve me Ema +33 6 rsologie nt Conv i Skyp l hube 25 26 17 – France ersologis e r t Web hubi t@conve 05 site eSO rsolo CIALLet’s ww w. c gie.c om talk. onv ers Let’s olo gie .co have m a co nver satio n