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The half lemon creative metaphor

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Getting the juice out of a lemon suggests creative ways to get the juicy ideas and performance of your employees.

  • Thank you Ali Anani for your always enlightening presentations. It is true that warming a lemon makes to get more juice out of it. But if the warming process is too high, vitamine C is lost. Likewise, "warming" out of bounds a worker would possibly get more juice, but quality of it could give bigger results on quantity and not on quality.
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  • @dailyxminutes Thanks, Sajid for your lovely and concise comment. Will do, Sir.
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  • A lovely presentation on HR motivation and communication with lemon symbol and Butterfly Effect. Dear Dr.! Please comment on 'Economy of Tomorrow' at SlideShare.
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  • @KarinHurt Karin- you bring a point that is valid. It is surely a balancing act. I may add that it is also the sudden change from one state to the opposite state. If you heat a lemon from a very cold temperature to a high temperature the juice increases. Again , this heating should be for a little time.
    I experimented with this yesterday. I said that I don't like Real Madrid (RM) and that the players are only lucky to score goals. The great fan of RM was chilled as I went on. When I changed my words to that I was joking and the RM is the best soccer team in the world the guy was so heated that almost he wouldn't stop talking. Heating is only for a short period. At that point I asked the guy to do a job, which he did in a great zeal.
    Yes, the lemon teaches us a lot.
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  • I had no idea that if you heated up a lemon it produces more juice. Interesting and dynamic analogy... and great images. Pressure is so tricky.... a little pressure helps employees grow toward their fullest potential. Too much pressure can intimidate. A little heat is good, too much heat backfires... You raise an import point of careful balance.
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The half lemon creative metaphor

  1. 1. The Half-lemon Creative Metaphor Ali Anani, PhD Know your employees
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation to Luc Stenger I made a comment on using the ½ lemon metaphor on LinkedIn Social Capital Group and Luc Stenger responded by saying “Luc STENGER consultant “situation analyst” - free lance @ Ali : People need pressure to squeeze their juice as I said before: • please define "pressure": * freely accepted or self inflicted (motivation in this case) ? * accepted by necessity? * forced upon? • every lemon kind is best for something different (salad, cake, drink, ...) • some lemon kind are corresponding to expectations and others can be surprising • asymmetric thinking can bring a very good lemon for something to be far better for something totally unexpected
  3. 3. Employees are like lemon trees
  4. 4. A lemon tree needs good soil, environment and fertilizers to grow healthily
  5. 5. These factors determine what type of lemon the tree yields. Sour lemon, sweet lemon, rough skinned lemon and soft-skinned lemon are examples.
  6. 6. Now, you want to get the juice out of the lemon or use its skin… how to do that? Akin is :How to get the juice out of your employees?
  7. 7. How to increase the juicy output of your employees? or, what a lemon may teach us?
  8. 8. You don’t get the juice out of a whole lemon You need to cut it into two halves
  9. 9. If you squeeze a cold lemon you get much less juice So, are cold workers who have no warmth for what they do It is not only cold bodies; it is more cold feelings
  10. 10. Apply some pressure on the lemon to get the juice out Sweet pressure is required to get the juice out of your employees
  11. 11. Heat and pressure help in weakening the membranes that trap the juice inside the lemon’s flesh Get the trapped juice of your employees the same way
  12. 12. Keep the hearts warm Heating lemon in a microwave for a short time may increase the juice output by 40% A great incentive is warming up the hearts of your employees to lessen their resistance to flow
  13. 13. The reverse thinking Keep the lemon in salted ice--- this freezes the water in the lemon. Ice has bigger volume than water and so the membrane loosens and the juice flows out after warming
  14. 14. Similarly, if your employees go through a “cold phase”, make them freeze more and then warm them up. Great improvements may result
  15. 15. A Butterfly Effect Cut the lemon lengthwise instead of crosswise You shall be surprised to get three times more juice.
  16. 16. So, change the direction of your employees occasionally. Move them from engineering to management or from sales to marketing. Their juicy output may increase drastically
  17. 17. A Butterfly Effect How then to make employees produce much more using very simple and creative ideas? A challenge for leaders and managers
  18. 18. You may use a fork to get the juice out of lemon by rotating and squeezing it
  19. 19. You may use a fork to get the juice out of employees by rotating and squeezing them. Rotate them so as not to get them bored and to keep their productivity high
  20. 20. Some lemons are self-seeding Look for employees who are self-motivated to grow or grow others voluntarily
  21. 21. Some varieties of lemon trees have branches have large thorns; yet their juice is of very high quality
  22. 22. Even some workers may seem thorny; yet their juicy output is of very high quality Get the juice out instead of the employees out. Sometimes, thorny employees are great performers.
  23. 23. The peels of lemon have many uses. Look for quality employees who are multi-tasked.
  24. 24. Because lemon trees in containers are sometimes used as indoor plants, they do not have the benefit of bees or wind to pollinate the flowers. Without pollination, you will not get a fruit crop
  25. 25. So are employees who are kept indoors and restricted from interacting with other departments. Encourage employee pollination
  26. 26. If a lemon tree is slightly stressed for water bud induction, it will produce more flowers Time the sweet stress of your employees and their output shall increase
  27. 27. I end the presentation hopefully with little sweet stress on the reader