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  1. 1. Yahoo! Is the second largest provider of web-  based e-mails, after hotmail worldwide. With customer base of 280 million.  In US, its market share in online search  market is 21%, after google with 63%. Despite a problematic last quarter, its annual  revenues rose to 3% to $7.2 billion.
  2. 2. On Jan 31,2008; Microsoft made a $31 per  share bid to buy yahoo search. Due to which, it was valued at $44.6 billion.  But Microsoft withdrew its offer in Dec’2008.  And as a result, its value went down to $17  billion.
  3. 3. In the end of 2008, it laid off 1200  employees.  Salaries got freezed till 2010, as a cost- cutting measure.  Change in management-  CEO - Carol Bartz replaced Jerry Yang.  President - Susan Decker also quit But talent is still there with yahoo- Carol as new CEO and they had also appointed CTO last year, which took the organisation at a better place.
  4. 4. It’s the dominant revenue source for yahoo.  But during this period, its ad revenue remained  stagnant at $ 1.59 billion over the last quarter. To cope with this, they launched APT platform, last  year which aimed at providing publishers and advertisers with a unified, simple and intuitive interface. Yahoo- AOL deal:  the company is thinking for the same , to strengthen the display advertising portfolio.
  5. 5. A Global Ad-Supported Web Services Company  with a comprehensive display advertising network in  the U.S., a suite of popular Web brands and products, and a leading social media network. AOL’s business is centered on Platform-A, Publishing  and People Networks. In addition, AOL continues to run one of the largest Access businesses in the U.S. AOL’s Platform-A is the industry’s largest digital advertising platform in the U.S.,  offering a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions, powered by some of the Web’s best advertising technologies.
  6. 6. No, like other browsers- Internet  Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, and Chrome; its not coming up with is browser. They are focusing on building services that  run on the browsers, networks and devices. ( so, the company is not interested in manufacturing the phone; but, of course operating system for the phone.)
  7. 7. Search space #2 player to google  But in Japan and Taiwan, it leads google.  More investment  It is now going to open its – SEARCH TECHNOLOGY, through  initiatives like- Search monkey 1. BOSS 2.
  8. 8. Search monkey BOSS Earlier yahoo search, (for a  This allows students and  query) used to open up list developers to quickly of results- with 10 links, create a new search that come back and how experience. we decide to present them.  Motive – is to foster innovation. But now, Search monkey   Its like opening up the opens up that interface, so infrastructure of yahoo that people come in and search. customise what that interface looks like.
  9. 9. Fast and stable internet access.  Adaptation to local markets and culture-  as different markets have different requirements, in terms of products and some of their products are global in nature. so for that, they have to adapt themselves with the local market and culture, to increase their customer base.
  10. 10. GOOGLE - in search space.  Microsoft - in mail space.  CNNs - in news.  ESPN - in sports. 