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dynamic volt var control of flexible system architecture of stand alone pv pow fault analysis for distribution networks with curr enhancing the ride through capability of dc-link v energy management of a fuel cell serial–parallel energy feed forward and direct feed-forward contro embedded control of n level dc–dc–ac inverter effect of the electrical energy conversion on opti dynamic stability enhancement of a dc segmented ac dual switches dc dc converter with three winding-c double phase high-efficiency wide load range high- voltage l ow-voltage llc dc distribution switches upgrade for loss reduction a distributed control for autonomous operation of a direct power control based on natural switching su development and implementation of a supervisor str multi domain virtual prototyping of power electron design tools for rapid design of energy control method for three phase bu design of class e resonant rectifiers and diode ev design of a single switch dc dc converter for a pv design of a power electronic-assisted oltc for gri delay dependent stability of single-loop controlle decentralized control of a nine phase permanent ma dc side harmonic currents calculation and dc-loop dc transmission grid with low speed protection usi dc impedance model-based resonance analysis of a v control strategies of a dc microgrid for grid conn control of pmsg based wind turbines for system ine control of brushless doubly fed reluctance generat contribution of vsc hvdc to frequency regulation o computationally efficient and embeddable prognostic techniques for power ele real time comparison of the modular multilevel dc converter comparison of detailed modeling techniques for mmc closed form solution of time-varying model and its circulating current suppressing strategy for mmc h bidirectional soft switching series ac-link invert bidirectional operation of high step down converte bidirectional current fed resonant inverter for co automatic mode shifting control strategy with inpu analysis 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integrated power quality controller for mi sfs method islanding detection technique power quality improvement of system inverter-based distributed generation (dg) a novel hybrid islanding detection method for inve negligible non detection zone (ndz) hybrid method rocof relay multi dg system. decentralized control a novel droop based average voltage sharing contro microgrids (mgs) parallel load sharing. hierarchical control droop method primary-side control (psc). half-bridge (hb) llc converter a novel accurate primary side control (psc) method high-power adaptor applications a new family of modular multilevel converter based cascaded converters modular multilevel converter (mmc) flying-capacitor multicell converter (fcmc) dc voltage source abatement natural balancing. cost and size diminution multiphase buck converter. current balancing a multiphase synchronous buck converter with a ful inductor dc resistance (dcr) bcdmos current sensor a multi mode control strategy for v ar support by rooftop solar pv var control pv inverter voltage regulator network support voltage rise. ramp-rate a multilevel energy buffer and voltage modulator f photovoltaic power systems ac–dc power conversion switched capacitor circuits. buffer circuits dc–ac power conversion resonant converter electromagnetic energy harvesting wind energy. multi-input converter ac-dc conversion a multi input bridgeless resonant ac-dc converter dynamic balancing a multi-agent system framework for real-time elect real-time load management. all-electric ship power system multi-agent system cooperative control dual half-bridge (dhb) multiport converter power electronic transformer (pet) a modular multiport power electronic transformer w cascaded h-bridge (chb) converter state of charge (soc) balancing. split battery energy storage dc ultrafast charging isolated dc/dc converter hvdc converters dc-dc power conversion multilevel systems. converters a modular multilevel dc dc converter with fault bl peak current mode (pcm) a high frequency model for a pcm buck converter small-signal mode. multifrequency model sample-hold effect microinverter mosfet inverters a high-efficiency mosfet transformerless inverter transformerless inverter. photovoltaic (pv) inverter multiple output quasi two-stage. a high step-down multiple output converter with wi llc resonant converter dual coupled inductors input-parallel output-series. high gain a high gain input-parallel output-series dc/dc con grid-connected inverter power quality. instantaneous symmetrical component theory (isct) a generalized voltage droop strategy for control o cigre b4 dc grid test system generalized voltage droop (gvd) control multiterminal dc (mtdc) grids power sharing. four-switch three-phase inverter (fstp) sliding-mode control. integral sliding-mode control single-ended primary-inductance converter (sepic) a four switch three-phase sepic-based inverter dc-link inductor renewable power system. multiport converter (mpc) bidirectional dc–dc converter dc distribution system distributed generation (dg) on-load tap changing transformer (oltc) distribution system hysteresis band line drop compensator control zone voltage control voltage control. current control a control method of hvdc-modular multilevel conver voltage fluctuations. hvdc transmission smooth switching droop control (ssdc). a control architecture to coordinate renewable ene frequency bus-signaling (fbs) microgrids coordinated operation a comparison between single-phase quasi-zsource an shoot-through state. boost inversion ability quasi-switched boost inverter quasi-z-source inverter battery management systems (bmss) zero-current switching (zcs). dc–dc power converters lithium-ion batteries equalizers a cell-to-cell battery equalizer with zero-current resonant converter. bidirectional a bidirectional llc resonant converter with automa llc high efficiency energy storage system (ess) disturbance observer (dob) back electromotive force (back-emf) detection a 12 step sensorless drive for brushless dc motors brushless dc motor (bldc) back electromotive force differences delay compensation sensorless control direct torque control (dtc) a 12 sector space vector switching scheme for perf switching scheme matrix converter (mc) space vector induction motor (im) mtech java titles. me java titles 2015 java project titles btech it java project title be cse java project titles ieee embedded project titles ece project titles 2015 eee project titles be ece embedded project list embedded projects for ece 2015 embedded project titles 2015 me embedded project titles 2015 ieee embedded project titles be eee embedded project list. 2015 ece project titles me embedded project titles mtech android titles 2015-2016 android project titles. me android titles 2015 it android titles 2015 ieee android titles ieee android project titles 2015 cse android titles btech android titles be android titles 2015 cse project java titles java titles it java titles dot net titles 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sail for out power adaptive computing system design for solar-e personal lung function monitoring devices for asth performance power consumption tradeoff in wearable performance limits and status of single junction s performance evaluation of gnss for train localizat passivation induced cavity defects in laser-doped optimizing folded silicon thin film solar cells on optical modelling for concentrating photovoltaic s on orbit radiometric calibration of suomi npp viir online prediction of driver distraction based on b online cost sharing mechanism design for demand-re on the design of a solar panel receiver for optica nonparametric technique based high speed road surf nondestructive characterization of voids in rear l modeling the effects of inhomogeneous irradiation model based virtual thermal sensors for lithium-io mimo pillow—an intelligent cushion designed with microscale spatially resolved characterization of mems multisensor intelligent damage detection for low power wireless ecg acquisition and classificat low dimensional learning for complex robots low surface recombination in silicon heterojunctio local series resistance imaging of silicon solar c laser scribing patterning for the production of or investigation of interdigitated metallization patt investigation of acetic acid corrosion impact on p investigating wireless charging and mobility of el integration of antenna array with multicrystalline integrated sensing systems and algorithms for soli influence of interface textures on light managemen inertial sensor based stride parameter calculation improved light absorption of ga inp gaas-ge solar impact of edge recombination in small area solar c imitation of dynamic walking with bsn for humanoid image based process monitoring using low-rank tens home telemonitoring of vital signs—technical cha hand impedance measurements during interactive man gesture recognition using wearable vision sensors genetic algorithm based classifiers fusion for mul field measurement of an implemented solar powered fall detection in homes of older adults using the expanding existing solar irradiance monitoring net evaluation of the aging process of dye sensitized energy harvesting wireless communications with ene energy efficient ethernet for real time industrial electron barrier engineering in a thin film interm effect of spectral irradiance variations on the pe effect of eva encapsulation on antireflection prop effect of barrier thickness on carrier transport i dynamic neuro fuzzy-based human intelligence model distributed data fusion for multirobot search diffusion and segregation model for the annealing diagnostic of neutralization current for arcs on s development of a wireless oral feeding monitoring designing bottom silicon solar cells for multijunc design of a cmos calibrated monolithic illuminatio design and dynamics of a novel solar tracker with coupling incident light to guided modes in thin fi correlation of electroluminescence with open circu control oriented concentrated solar power plant mo complexity index from a personalized wearable moni compact personal distributed wearable exposimeter compact light emitting diode-based aaa class solar closed loop control of local magnetic actuation fo calculation of temperature field in power capacito bucket; scheduling of solar powered sensor network back contacted silicon heterojunction solar cells; automatic control system for thermal comfort based areal solar irradiance estimated by sparsely distr analysis of fine line screen and stencil-printed m analysis of capacitive impedance matching networks an ultrasonic and vision based relative positionin an improved exact ε constraint and cut-and-solve an implantable rfid sensor tag toward continuous g an efficient finite difference time-domain algorit an automatic screening approach for obstructive sl an artificial neural network approach for early fa amorphous crystalline silicon interface passivatio ambulatory measurement of three dimensional foot d air gaps as intermediate selective reflectors to r aerial obstacle detection with 3 d mobile devices advanced modeling of a 2 k w series–series reson a video analysis-based railway–road safety syste a train localization algorithm for train protectio a systematic loss analysis method for rear passiva a single stage solar-powered led display driver us a remotely powered implantable biomedical system w a prototype integrated monitoring system for pavem a passive transponder for visible light identifica a cooperative train control model for energy savin 3 d simulation and optimization of organic solar c word segmentation method for handwritten documents vision based nighttime vehicle detection using cen vehicle detection techniques for collision avoidan using visual rhythms for detecting video based fac using scale coordination and semantic information using free energy principle for blind image qualit unsupervised quantification of under and over-seg unsupervised object class discovery via saliency g transfer learning improves supervised image segmen training for planning tumour resection augmented r traffic sign detection via graph based ranking and tracking of coastal swell fields in sar images for towards practical self embedding for jpeg-compress towards large scale histopathological image analys toward evaluating multiscale segmentations of high time spread echo-based audio watermarking with opt time delay neural network for continuous emotional three dimensional super resolution reconstruction the segmentation of 3 d images using the random wa tag refinement for user contributed images via gra symmetric smoothing filters from global consistenc supervised variational model with statistical infe supervised segmentation of remote sensing image us superpixel segmentation for polarimetric sar image steganography using reversible texture synthesis stable mean shift algorithm and its application to spectral–spatial kernel regularized for hyperspe spatio temporal video segmentation of static scene spatiotemporal saliency detection for video sequen spatial coherence based batch-mode active learning sparse dissimilarity constrained coding for glauco sparse and dense hybrid representation via diction sketch based image retrieval through hypothesis-dr semi local structure patterns for robust face dete semantic improved color imaging applications it is segmenting a noisy low depth-of-field image using segmentation based image copy-move forgery detecti segmentation of multiple heart cavities in 3 d tra secure reversible image data hiding over encrypted secure binary image steganography based on minimiz scalable mobile image retrieval by exploring conte scalable feature matching by dual cascaded scalar sar images retrieval based on semantic classificat sar image change detection based on iterative labe salient object detection with higher order potenti saliency region detection based on markov absorpti rrw—a robust and reversible watermarking techniq rotation invariant object detection in remote sens robust vehicle detection and distance estimation u robust representation and recognition of facial em robust registration of cloudy satellite images usi robust prostate segmentation using intrinsic prope robust framework of single frame face superresolut and illumination variations facial expression robust and computationally lightweight autonomous reversible image data hiding with contrast enhance image recoveryreversible data hiding reversible data hiding reversible data hiding in encrypted image with dis image recovery. spatially adaptive segmentation multiscale wedgelet representation (mwr) representation and spatially adaptive segmentation wishart markov random field (wmrf) model. multiscale wedgelet decomposition (mwd) polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (polsar) ima remote sensing. gradient histogram minimum class mean absolute deviation remote sensing image segmentation based on an impr sea ice motion estimation uncertainty. reliability synthetic aperture radar reliability measures for sea ice motion retrieval recognizing common ct imaging signs of lung diseas medical image classification. lung ct images lung lesion classification probabilistic facial expression recognition 3d face reconstruction pose-invariant face recognition real world and rapid face recognition toward pose iterative scoring classification. feature library matrix impulse detector weighted-average filtering. impulse noise real time impulse noise suppression from images us local linear embedding random geometric prior forest for multiclass objec efficient and robust random forest object-adaptive geometric prior query adaptive multiple instance learning for vide multiple instance learning weakly supervised learning. object matching graph-based fusion vocabulary tree large-scale image retrieval query specific fusion. query reconstruction. image search quality query difficulty estimation query difficulty estimation for image search with noninvasive hybrid interface. quantitative evaluation of a low cost noninvasive fitts' law electroencephalograph (eeg)-based brain-computer i eye tracking iris recognition biometrics. pupil dynamics pupil dynamics for iris liveness detection cloud computing. group signature public integrity auditing dynamic data victor commitment data hiding. least mean square progressive halftone watermarking using multilayer naïve bayes classifier watermarking halftoning dirichlet mixture model. free-viewpoint television probabilistic multiview depth image enhancement us multiview depth consistency virtual view synthesis multiview video regression forest privileged information based conditional structure structured output. privileged information facial point light field camera. countermeasure presentation attack detection for face recognition projection onto convex sets. precision enhancement of 3 d surfaces from compres precision enhancement multiview video plus depth multiplequery retrieval information retrieval manifold ranking. pareto fronts pareto depth for multiple-query image retrieval 2015 2016 ieee vlsi project titles eee ece it.2015 2016 ieee power electronics project titl it.2015 2016 ieee ns2 project titles it.2015 2016 ieee java project titles it.2015 2016 ieee android project titles it. 2015-2016 ieee .net project titles 2015 2016 ieee .net project titles mtech. online temporally consistent indoor depth video en on the use of coupled shape priors for segmentatio object based change detection of very high resolut object detection in optical remote sensing images optic disc localization in retinal images based on visual word. spatial constraint near duplicate image retrieval based on contextual near-duplicate image retrieval nearest neighbor search maximum entropy principle. binary codes neighborhood discriminant information neighborhood discriminant hashing for large scale neutral face classification using personalized app procrustes analysis action units. key emotion points structural similarity neutral vs. emotion classification statistical model local binary pattern histogram constrained local model detection recognition video analytics bayesian kalman filter. and recognition approaches for video surveillance new object detection tracking medical imaging ct image reconstruction ct low dose imaging image noise ct modeling qr decomposition. inverse problem noise analysis in computed tomography (ct) image r multiple lrek active contours for knee meniscus ul multiple hypotheses image segmentation and classif mr image reconstruction with convolutional charact model based fusion of multi- and hyperspectral ima mixture of subspaces image representation and comp mirror surface reconstruction from a single image minimum risk wavelet shrinkage operator for poisso minimum rate prediction and optimized histograms m minimizing pixel expansion in visual cryptographic median filtered image quality enhancement and anti matching of large images through coupled decomposi marker controlled watershed-based segmentation of mapping localized patterns of classification accur manifold regularized local sparse representation f latent fingerprint enhancement via multi scale pat lane departure identification for advanced driver informative change detection by unmixing for hyper improving pixel based change detection accuracy us impact of quality based fusion techniques for vide image based three-dimensional human pose recovery image fuzzy clustering based on the region level m image enhancement and feature extraction based on web images. internal correlations external correlations image denoising by exploring external and internal global redundancy and correlation (rac) hyperspectral image (hsi) denoising local rac low rank spatial-spectral similarity likelihood. monte carlo sampling bayesian least squares optimization hyperspectral imagery denoising hyperspectral image denoising using a spatial–sp pupil contour. glint eye gaze tracking cornea refraction hybrid method for 3 d gaze tracking using glint an human facial expression recognition using stepwise hidden markov models stepwise linear discriminant analysis facial expressions hidden conditional random fields. contrast enhancement image processing. histogram equalization histogram based locality-preserving contrast enhan alignment-error-robust. expression invariance high resolution face verification using pore-scale pore-scale facial feature pose invariance reversible data hiding (rdh) sparse coding. high capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted multiresolution analysis hierarchical conditional random field (hiecrf) mod hierarchical conditional random fields model for s semisupervised synthetic aperture radar (sar) imag hierarchical inference graph cut based discrete-valued image reconstructi energy minimization linear inverse problems discrete tomography. graph-cuts deformable part models real-time vision. sparse coding generalized sparselet models for real time multicl hyperspectral image denoising via sparse represent face-spoofing detection face spoofing 2 d-detection based on moiré-patter computer access. fitts’ law perceptual user interface camera mouse hand-free control humancomputer interaction (hci) assistive technology (at) severe disabilities facial position and expression based human compute impact score query pruning. early termination fast image retrieval query pruning and early termi gaussian mixture models obstacle-map estimation. autonomous surface vehicles fast image based obstacle detection from unmanned statistical image reconstruction. augmented lagrangian (al) fast x ray ct image reconstruction using a lineari low-resolution from local geometry to global structure learning l subspace learning. coupled mappings local topology extracting cross-modal retrieval hashing. intermediate subspace full space local topology extraction for cross-mod high dynamic range histogram separation hdr ghost-free. fuzzy fusion based high dynamic range imaging usin face image quality assessment based on learning to face liveness detection. local speed pattern total variation flow diffusion speed face liveness detection from a single image via di non-uniform blur sparsity pose. and pose illumination face recognition across non uniform motion blur face image retrieval cross-age face recognition face recognition and retrieval using cross age ref face recognition on consumer devices reflections o gaze tracking web camera. illumination change eye gaze tracking with a web camera in a desktop e head pose desktop environment weather conditions. fog image restoration exponential contrast restoration in fog conditions dictionary training sgk -svd enhancing image denoising by controlling noise inc enhanced ridge structure for improving fingerprint fingerprint classification fingerprint enhancement singular value decomposition. 2d discrete wavelet transform ranking model graph-based algorithm emr a scalable graph based ranking model for conte out-of-sample. minimally invasive surgery (mis) branching segment vessel feature detection. endoscopic image analysis branching point efficient vessel feature detection for endoscopic road detection graphcut algorithm road tracking unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). homography efficient road detection and tracking for unmanned efficient learning of image super resolution and c haar-like features weak classifier. efficient feature selection and classification for feature descriptor effective image retrieval system using dot diffuse image retrieval. image classification dot-diffused block truncation coding optimization transfer positron emission tomography (pet). optimization algorithm edge-preserving regularization edge preserving pet image reconstruction using tru subspace learning graph-embedding nonnegative matrix factorization intraclass variation. dual subspace nonnegative graph embedding for iden head pose estimation. eyes off the road detection driver monitoring system driver gaze tracking and eyes off the road detecti grammar model discriminatively trained and or graph models for o structural optimization. and-or graph multi-view learning gaussian processes. view-invariant discriminative shared gaussian processes for multi mathematical morphology antiextensive filtering directed connected operators asymmetric hierarchie connected operators hierarchical image representation segmentation. watermarking. image authentication hologram 3d display digital hologram authentication using a hadamard b stereo imagery. development of a framework for stereo image retrie planar features orthoimage height features fractals digital surface model (dsm) replay-attack detection of face spoofing using visual dynamics lbp svm. print-attack casia-fasd dmd doppler sensor principal component analysis. detection of eye blinking using doppler sensor wit eye blinking detection fingerprint registration detection and rectification of distorted fingerpri nearest neighbor regression distortion pca. multiple virtual view rendering. just noticeable depth difference (jndd) depth sensation enhancement for multiple virtual v depth image-based rendering (dibr) depth sensation enhancement image enhancement. dense correspondence sparse feature matching graph matching mask transfer density maximization for improving graph matching hyperparameter architecture optimization face back-propagation convolutional networks and fingerprint spoofing detection filter weights learning deep representations for iris spoofing detection. video based face recognition deep reconstruction models for image set classific image set classification auto-encoders object recognition. top-down saliency. bag-of-visual-words (bow) database saliency database saliency for fast image retrieval bottom-up saliency x-ray imaging and computed tomography. image enhancement/restoration curvelet based contrast enhancement in fluoroscopi unsupervised feature selection machine learning classifier. angle-closure glaucoma cross examination for angle-closure glaucoma featu minimum redundancy maximum relevance laplacian score anterior segment optical coherence tomography redundant features motion estimation. motion vector video steganography covert communication by compressed videos exploiti information hiding covert communication local coordinate coding (lcc). coupled dictionary learning for the detail enhance coupled dictionary landmark expression synthesis hough transform co-segmentation image feature matching correspondence problems co segmentation guided hough transform for robust energy minimization. object classification contextualizing object detection and classificatio context modeling facs facial expression analysis context sensitive dynamic ordinal regression for i action unit intensity ordinal regression context modeling. spontaneous facial behavior ordered dither block truncation coding. content-based image retrieval color co-occurrence feature content based image retrieval using features extra bit pattern feature vector quantization (vq). content based image retrieval using error diffusio image indexing error diffusion block truncation coding (edbtc) computer aided diagnosis metric learning interstitial content based image retrieval lung diseases norm. content adaptive image detail enhancement edge preserving detail enhancement gradient field image smoothing composite feature confidence measure eye detection biased discriminant analysis confidence measure using composite features for ey mammography. computer-aided diagnosis (cad) computer aided diagnosis of mammographic masses us breast masses wavelet transform. compressive imaging approximate message passing compressive imaging via approximate message passin patch similarity comparing noisy patches for image denoising a doub gaussian noise. relaxation combining ordered subsets and momentum for acceler momentum stochastic gradient. statistical image reconstruction parallelizable iterative algorithms separable quadratic surrogates multibiometrics. palmprint recognition spontaneity. age grouping disgust expression dynamics combining facial dynamics with appearance for age smile age estimation marker selection genetic algorithms segmentation fusion fuzzy clustering classification of remotely sensed images using the spectral-spatial classification. large scale image retrieval bsift toward data independent codebook for large s scalar quantization visual matching binary sift feature filtering. fundus images structural priors vessel segmentation. high-pass filter peripapillary vessel morphological reconstruction structural priors. bayesian estimation wavelet leaders fractional brownian motion. texture characterization multiplicative cascades whittle approximation multifractal analysis bayesian estimation of the multifractality paramet spectral unmixing. band specific shearlet-based hyperspectral image n shearlet transform hyperspectral images (hsis) learning wireless contention. multi-armed bandits bandit framework for systematic learning in wirele scheduling congestion vesicle segmentation cellular biology background fluorescence estimation and vesicle seg background estimation fluorescence microscopy traffic analysis. latent support vector machine conditional random field (crf) semantic segmentation. background context (bc) mining background context augmented hypothesis graph for segment hypothesis graph dense keypoints fine-grained classification zernike polynomials. a comparison of dense region detectors for image s interpolation theory deformable models a framework for automated spine and vertebrae inte spine vertebra a gauss seidel iteration scheme for reference-free registration. reference- free 3-d histology reconstruction gauss-seidel background subtraction a genetic algorithm based moving object detection genetic algorithm real-time traffic surveillance system. dynamic saliency map ordinal ranking a learning framework for age rank estimation based facial image processing. active appearance model scattering transform human age estimation illumination adjustment hardware architecture real-time applications. anthropometric constraints adaptive skin detection multilevel image segmentation. a methodology for extracting standing human bodies human body segmentation a new approach to segmentation of multispectral re probability density function. multispectral imaging a novel active learning method in relevance feedba remote sensing (rs). active learning (al) relevance feedback (rf) tone mapping and low-light video. a novel approach for denoising and enhancement of . curvature tortuosity measure a novel curvature based algorithm for automatic gr retinal image diabetic retinopathy dynamic bayesian network. a probabilistic approach to online eye gaze tracki gaze calibration scalability. image tiling a scalable tile based framework for region-merging region merging spiht image tampering protection rs channel codes a source channel coding approach to digital image self-recovery image watermarking prime fields. fragile watermarking a technique for simultaneous visualization and seg hyperspectral visualization tv-norm. expectation-maximization (em) advanced joint bayesian method for face verificati model training. generative bayesian models parallel array face detection reconfigurable architecture. an ada boost based face detection system using par an advanced single image visibility restoration al retinex theory laplacian distribution gamma correction visibility restoration. convex optimization. unsupervised image segmentation an approach toward fast gradient based image segme algebraic multigrid markov random field sparse field method. an efficient mrf embedded level set method for ima 3-d object detection 3-d object recognition and pose estimation from point-clouds range image. pose estimation an integrated framework for 3 d modeling point-cloud 3-d modeling and scale cues spatial an object level high-order contextual descriptor b out of context structured image retrieval. object localization epll an optimized pixel wise weighting approach for pat k-svd. hair follicle diagnosis hair care diagnosis scalp diagnosis hair counting an unsupervised hair segmentation and counting sys line segment detection. asymmetric cyclical hashing for large scale image asymmetric hashing with different code lengths large scale image retrieval. pattern analysis spoofs attack vectors security and protection. eye movements attack of mechanical replicas liveness detection w optical coherence tomography (oct) automated 3 d retinal layer segmentation of macula retinal layer segmentation. pigment epithelium detachment (ped) atlas-based segmentation breast magnetic resonance imaging (mri) image registration automated segmentation of breast in 3 d mr images vessel infinite perimeter fundus active contour automated vessel segmentation using infinite perim local phase 3-d echocardiography left ventricle (lv) automatic 3 d segmentation of endocardial border o robust estimation. deformablemodels intraoperative ultrasound automatic deformable mr ultrasound registration fo nonrigid registration igns online database image guided neurosurgery brain surgery validation database. automatic facial expression recognition using feat muscle ultrasound imaging optical flow automatic fascicle length estimation on muscle ult orientation-sensitive segmentation fascicle length effective fascicle region optical coherence tomography (oct). layer segmentation automatic optic disc detection in oct slices via l optic disc detection automatic segmentation of spinal canals in ct imag image landmark detection spinal canal random walk topology. retinex. blastocyst analysis in vitro fertilization (ivf) procedure embryo quality assessment automatic segmentation of trophectoderm in microsc zil an energy efficient indoor localization system zig bee based communication system for data transf wsn based smart sensors and actuator for power man uninterrupted wireless data transfer for smart gri taming cross technology interference for wi fi and system architecture for low power ubiquitously con scalability of dense wireless lighting control net power efficient interrupt-driven algorithms for fa performance evaluation of wireless body sensors in improving zig bee device network authentication us implementation of a wireless ecg acquisition so c hierarchical and dynamic elliptic curve cryptosyst harvested power wireless sensor network solution f fabrication and characteristic analysis of a remot embedded dsp based telehealth radar system for rem design and application of a voc monitoring system coexistence of zig bee based wban and wifi for hea a zigbee based animal health monitoring system spintronics. nonvolatile logic devices precharge sense amplifier (pcsa) magnetoresistance pentamtj magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) counter magnetic logic gate a low power robust easily cascaded penta mtj-based majority gate static random access memory (sram). signal distribution network (sdn) quantum-dot cellular automata (qca) reliable multiplier negative bias temperature instability (nbti) variable latency. positive bias temperature instability (pbti) adaptive hold logic (ahl) dadda multiplier compressor inexact computing approximate circuits filters error correction codes (eccs) soft errors. deadlock advanced interconnect protocol system on chip (soc). adiabatic logic carry look ahead adder (cla) leakage subthreshold. implementation of subthreshold adiabatic logic for low-cost architecture montgomery modular multiplier carry-save addition public-key cryptosystem. digital-up converter reconfigurable interpolation filter vlsi. programmable filter. fir filter double based number system digital signal processing level shifter cmos near threshold circuits. power efficient level shifter for 16 nm fin fet ne ultralow energy variation-aware design adder archi ultra low energy adder structures statistical static timing analysis (ssta) massive parallel variation-aware. deep pipeline smart metering solar power forecasting distribution network spatial–temporal. spatial–temporal solar power forecasting for sma ntc ultra-wideband solar cell pin diode energy harvesting. solar powered wireless temperature sensor based on distributed computing peer-to-peer systems. distributed storage distributed energy resources (ders) seeds a solar based energy-efficient distributed s variable spectrum. luminescence coupling (lc) multijunction solar cell energy yield optimization of multijunction solar cells through heating thermal dynamics. energy optimization problem and air conditioning (hvac) scheduling demand response (dr) ventilation comfort constraints energy management for households with solar assist μc-si:h si wafer hybrid solar cells heterojunctions solar cell efficiency potential. point contacts simulation silicon solar cells a-si:h efficiency potential of rear heterojunction stripe authentication accelerometer unlocking smart phone through handwaving biometric pedestrian dead reckoning smartphone inertial sensor. indoor pedestrian tracking smart pdr smartphone based pedestrian dead reckoni body sensor networks (bsns) wireless sensor networks. middleware cybercare performance analysis medical services my healthassistant an event driven middleware for fall detection cascade classifier electronic compass triaxial accelerometer. third generation (3g) network global positioning system (gps) system positioning a smart phone based pocket fall accident detection and rescue system a portable fall detection and alerting system base an algorithm for the automatic analysis of signals blood pulsation measurement using linearly polariz design and calibration of the unilateral sensitive design and experimental validation of novel force passive and semi passive wireless temperature and hybrid blocking algorithm for identification of ov prt embedded microheaters for optimum temperature recent advances in wearable sensors for health mon wearable sensors for human activity monitoring a r wallfollowing control. differential evolution (de) evolutionary robots fuzzy control hexapod robot gait control wall following control of a hexapod robot using a mobile robots motion control nonlinear systems nonlinear dynamical systems control design nonlinear control systems robot control. rehabilitation robotics. human–robot interaction adaptive control passivity and stability of human–robot interacti gait assistance motion planning wearable robots. linear inverted pendulum model joint-space planning optimization based motion planning in joint space occlusion occlusion based cooperative transport with a swarm e-puck swarm robotics. cooperative transport cooperation without communication robot perception multiobject tracking sensor fusion. occlusion reasoning negative information extended objects negative information for occlusion reasoning in dy coverage control multirobot teams time-varying density functions. multirobot control using time varying density func eldercare monitoring in-home sensing. health alerts behavioral bio-markers automated health alerts using in home sensor data primary: dual-arm manipulation distributed architecture binary tag tele-robotics. human interface force control industrial robot a sensor based dual-arm tele-robotic system secondary: visual servoing radio-frequency identification (rfid) technology rfid based automatic scoring system for physical f six-min walk test. automatic scoring systems progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run ( location estimation (le) real time rfid indoor positioning system based on radio frequency identification (rfid). drift removal (dr) medicine and science objectrfid trauma resuscitation . trauma resuscitationemergency medicine object rfid chine learning medical information systems trauma resuscitation emergency medicine emergency medicine object-based sensing sensors machine learning based sensing activity recognition sensors --- rfid passive rfid for object and use detection during t fingerprinting wireless local area networks (wlan). rfid backscattered power received signal strength (rss) hybrid wlan rfid indoor localization solution util scanning the issue and beyond transportation and m hough transform (ht) road edge recognition using the stripe hough trans road features. adaptive cruise control (acc) millimeter-wave (mmw) radars behavior understanding queuing theory design of a mobile charging service for electric v battery swapping battery charging trip generation. vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v). dedicated short-range communications (dsrc) real-time kinematic (rtk) vehicle-to-infrastructure (v2i) relative positioning networked transport of rtcm via ip (ntrip) a runtime integrity monitoring framework for real radio technical commission for maritime services ( a practical wireless attack on the connected car a controller area network (can) connected car key management. in-vehicle network security hardware platform. energy management amr sensor parking occupancy detection. a parking occupancy detection algorithm based on a iso/iec/ieee 21451-2 remote control gprs vpn. smart sensor ieee 1451.5 a smart sensor network for sea water quality monit lossless entropy compression redundant coding structural health monitoring data loss recovery imote2 wireless sensor network an approach of reliable data transmission with ran htcc technology passive temperature sensor wireless measurement embedded lc resonant sensor an embedded passive resonant sensor using frequenc gps gsm sim900 android application ultrasonic sensors. automatic detection and notification of potholes a load monitor smart meter. data privacy battery cost saving cost effective and privacy-preserving energy manag appliance control wireless sensor networks (wsns). smart lighting control smart homes power line communications (plcs) energy saving design and implementation of smart home control sy security. control theory cyber-physical system design and operation of secure cyber physical syst human-robot interaction. robot sensing systems electrical impedance tomography robot skin tactile sensors electrical impedance tomography for artificial sen electrically assisted microrolling online monitoring. embedded sensing embedded capacitive pressure sensing for electrica electrical safety facilitating application of electrical safety best safety management. land vehicles accuracy fault diagnosis global positioning system (gps) precision engineering. kalman filters gnss carrier phase anomaly detection and validatio disaggregation load modeling. forward-backward explicit duration hidden markov model (hmm) home appliance load modeling from aggregated smart gsm zigbee stolen vehicle congestion control traffic junction. ambulance vehicle cc2500 sim300 light-emitting diodes (led) finite-difference time-domain (fdtd). thin-film flip-chip led (tffc led) improving the vertical light extraction efficiency embedded photonic crystal (phc) light extraction efficiency (lee) real-time electricity price. markov decision process energy demand real time price based home energy management sched algorithms communication networks data management. scalable meter data collection in smart grids thro design space exploration cyber-physical systems security. i. introduction security aware modeling and efficient mapping for automated meter infrastructure big data smart grids internet of things. artificial intelligence machine learning smart meters smart electricity meter data intelligence for futu zigbee light link (zll). rest web service tim iso/iec/ieee 21451 smart lighting ncap interoperability internet of things (iot) smart lighting system iso iec ieee 21451 compatibl distribution network topology smart meter data analytics for distribution networ information leakage. rate-distortion smart meter smart meter privacy for multiple users in the pres load profiles neural network-based load forecasting load patterns load forecasting k-means clustering using smart meter data to improve the accuracy of anisotropic magnetoresistive sensor (amr) vehicle classification. low-speed congested traffic vehicle detection and classification for low speed multiinput converter (mic) renewable energy systems. hybrid power integration lcl filter inductor current ripple grid interface converter passive damping circuit. harmonic attenuation three-winding coupled inductor. high step-up renewable energy system interleaved boost converter high-power converter virtual impedance. current-source drives selective harmonic elimination (she) harmonics interaction input-series and output-parallel (isop) output current sharing (ocs). inverse-droop input voltage sharing (ivs) charge estimation. partial discharge measurement band-pass filters frequency response measurements comparison of charge estimation methods in partial modular multilevel converter (mmc). closed loop discontinuous modulation technique for capacitor voltage ripples discontinuous modulation (dpwm) circulating current control common mode (cm) noise shunt resonant path. alleviation of electromagnetic interference noise balanced converter dual-inverter open-end winding induction motor (oewim) a single stage photovoltaic system for a dual-inve photovoltaic (pv) cell. centrifugal pump a self-sustainable power management system for rel power management system (pms) multiple independently operated sediment microbial mio-smfc self-sustainable. energy harvesting
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